Self-beliefs or self-lies?

Humans believe so many lies. Some of these lies are so subtle and convincing that we base our entire virtual reality on them without even noticing that they are lies.

The lies we believe about ourselves can be difficult to see because we are so used to them that they seem normal.

For example, if you believe the common lie “I’m not worth it,” that lie lives in your mind because you believe it. You don’t believe people who tell you how great you are, and you don’t believe them because you believe the opposite.

Your faith is already invested in a belief that is not the truth; it’s a lie, but your faith guides your actions. By not feeling worthy, how do you express yourself with other people? You are shy. How can you ask for something when you do not believe you are good enough or worth it?

What you believe about yourself is what you project onto other people, and that is what others then believe about you. Of course, that is how they treat you, which only reinforces the belief that you aren’t worth it.

Yet what is the truth? The truth is that you are worth it; everybody is worth it.

If you believe the lie that you can’t speak in public, then that’s what happens, your wish will be granted; when you try to speak in public you will be afraid acheter cialis ligne france. The only way to break your faith in this agreement is by taking the action and doing it. Then you will prove that it is a lie, and you are no longer afraid.

If you believe that you cannot have a loving relationship, then your dream will be granted. If you feel that you don’t deserve love, even if love is in front of you, you just don’t take it because you are blind to it. You only see what you want to see, and you only hear what you want to hear. Everything you perceive is just more support for your lies.

If you can understand these examples, you can begin to imagine how many lies you might believe about yourself, and how many lies you believe about your parents, your children, your siblings, your partner. Every time you judge them you give voice to the false beliefs that you have accumulated over your lifetime.

So, perhaps now is the time to start refusing to believe in those lies. You can start with the big lies that limit the expression of your happiness and your love. If you take your faith away from these lies, they lose their power over you.

Then you can recover your faith in yourself and invest it in new beliefs, if you stop believing in lies, everything in your life changes, just like magic.

Discovering your own self beliefs

I specialise in helping people to understand themselves more fully by finding, observing and then, breaking down their old out of date self beliefs. We then replace them with a new dream and a new self integrity, a new self respect, that allows you to move forward with more love and courage – and with less fear, anxiety and self doubt.


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