At 23 years old I had already decided that my life was over and that I would never escape the dark cloud that proceeded to follow me and grew with every negative thought that I fed it.

You understood me from the moment I walked into your office. I felt validated, but also feared change as it was my comfort blanket. Change was and still is HARD but you gave me the tools to manage it. The walls I had built through negative feelings, anxiety and rumination were heavily cemented. You let me confess without judgement, you taught me that the truth will set me free and by golly it did! And soon the walls began to show cracks and crumble.

You made it possible for me to discover my true self, my CREATIVE self. Which I hadn’t seen since I was 17. This is the greatest gift of all.

Using your recordings, diagrams, personal experiences and recommendations I can intercept and observe instead of feeding the negative thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for making me feel like I wasn’t alone.  Thank you for taking off my blinkers and showing me that I have the ability to change. Thank you for initiating peace with my past and hope for my future.


As a mother, seeing your 19-year-old daughter break down, unable to go to work or cope with life, is the worst feeling in the world. It turned out that she had been suffering with anxiety and OCD, on her own for 5 years – she hid it well. It was such a shock because yes, she is all those things John describes, intelligent, creative, thinks a lot etc. etc. Being totally out of my depth and knowing that there is a wait for NHS treatment I felt desperate and started trawling the internet; that’s when I found John.

I asked my daughter to look at his website and read the information about OCD; she said: “that’s me”. I immediately rang John to make an appointment to find out that he was going on holiday the next day. John could obviously hear my anxious voice and being the caring person that he is, agreed to speak to her the next day before he left for the airport. He spoke to her for about 30 minutes, reassuring her and sending information to read; an appointment was made for when John returned.

I attended the first 6 sessions with her, which meant I was able to help her when at home. John is excellent at explaining how the brain works, enabling you to understand what OCD is actually doing. He has a very calming voice, is caring and passionate about what he does. His recordings make you realise what is important and what life is really all about, but most importantly, it helped my daughter understand how to respond to the negative thoughts that she is mostly in control of now, and when she feels she is struggling a little, she listens to John’s recordings which get her back on track.

My daughter is now nearly 22 and has not seen John for a while. She has blossomed into a young lady, more confident about who she is, attending university and living away from home; something she couldn’t have contemplated before. I couldn’t believe it; this week, she has so far cleared out 3 large bin bags of accumulated artefacts from over the years and other stuff she couldn’t throw away!! I can’t thank you enough, John, for how you have helped her – we have a happier girl and it is a joy to watch her.


I’d like to thank you from the very depths of my being for helping me when I was at my very lowest. There have been dark days since I first met you, but nothing since has compared to how utterly worthless I felt back then. Thank you for understanding me, so effortlessly and so accurately.

Thank you for being patient and for not pushing me too hard but also for pushing just enough. Your insights were beyond helpful and I greatly valued the space you created for me to just talk and to try to be myself. Thank you. I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t remember telling you any of this, and wanted you to know.

I often think back to our sessions. I think about coming back as there are still so many strange layers to myself that I don’t understand and life does seem quite harsh and difficult at times, but through it all ….. I can honestly say , without forcing it, that I DO RESPECT MYSELF. I wanted to let you know. As you set me on this path.


Thank you, John, so much for all the wonderful help you have been to me. Attending sessions and listening to your recordings has been invaluable and I will be forever thankful I decided to see you.


I am a body-oriented psychotherapist and needed support with my 7-year-old grandson who was diagnosed with autism-related problems and OCD symptoms.

My son and daughter-in-law wanted me to guide them and I felt I needed a supervisor, I choose John because via his website. I felt really secure and as we progressed, he was very professional and it allowed me to express myself clearly and feel understood.  A very good basis to start!

So we have worked for half a year to a year and it is amazing what has happened in that period.

John had a lot of valuable suggestions for Jonah (my grandson), for the support of the family, for my role. Playful solutions sometimes, wise interventions, good information that put me at ease and in this way we made step after step towards a lot of healing of many dimensions in the situation. My sons family is still using the finger dolls fyi!

So I would absolutely suggest John as a supervisor and as a specialised coach to anyone! Thank you, John, for your support and wisdom. I know where to find you if I need you in my life again!!


“Great to bump into you today. I just want to reiterate how great life is going at the moment and how much you helped me set off on my own journey of realising myself and how to live a better life.

I, of course, have blips at times but these are spotted before they even really become a blip and I have learnt how to manage and deal with them in a very positive way. I’ve used meditation, although nowhere near as much as I should. Read multiple books on all aspects of self-improvement and distanced myself from negative things and people.

I hope you saw all this in me from our brief encounter and just want to say I have an enormous amount of gratitude for your assistance and wish you all the best for the future.


“After suffering Anxiety and Panic attacks for 20 years and trying many different therapies which didn’t help, I experienced a major incident that put my life at risk and simply couldn’t happen again. John’s advert in the local free magazine literally popped up and said “Try Me” to my wife’s boss!

I called John and with very little info given to him, he explained my feelings, lifestyle everything – I was amazed that finally someone understood my brain!

I rocked up to the first session with my wife in tow so that she could also grasp an in-depth understanding of my situation.

From that day on the strategies and techniques John teaches kicked in and my whole life started to turn around. I would struggle to go shopping outside of my town, now not a problem. I have never traveled for work – now conquered, even to the point of going abroad with business for an overnight stay. The people that know me simply cannot believe the transformation in me.

I cannot thank or recommend Johns services enough #Legend!”


“I don’t actually think I say thank you enough for the changes you have facilitated in me. Genuinely, you have shifted many things within me. You are incredibly skilled at what you do, with a passion and an intellect that is both engaging and stimulating. I’m now grateful for so many things around me, I have so much gratitude to you for opening my eyes, to opening my mind and accepting change.”


“I have had chronic anxiety and panic attacks to varying degrees for twenty one years. I have seen several psychologists, a hypnotherapist, tried CBT, read many self help books, paid for an online anxiety self help course and tried something else which was a bit wacky and I can’t even remember what is was called, but hey when I felt like I did anything was worth a shot, however, nothing resolved my anxiety it just gave me temporary relief.

Eight months ago I went into a decline, a really difficult time, my anxious thoughts and feelings became crippling to the point I became depressed. I could not go on, life became a tremendous struggle, I went through the motions just trying to keep going. I was signed off work and hit rock bottom. A close family member, who had also had severe anxiety, encouraged me to see if John could help me as he had helped him so much in the past.

Over four months I have seen John six times, the help he has given me has not only eradicated my anxiety and depression but changed my whole outlook and perception on life, I feel so very very different it is absolutely incredible. I have returned to work and feel happy and calm, I am doing things that before were making me so fearful and panicked that I avoided them. I am loving life after all this time in a few short months of therapy from John.

My family and friends have noticed the change in me (most of them didn’t know I had anything wrong, I hid it well) I stand taller, my smile reaches my eyes, I don’t mind what other people think about me, my inner conflicts have disappeared, the constant brain chatter about my anxious feelings have stopped. I can’t thank John enough for what he has achieved with me, words are not enough.”


“I have no idea why I made that first phone call to John. I generally felt “already sorted” thank you very much. Curiosity took me to meet him for an initial chat. I vaguely thought I needed help with inner confidence but it wasn’t exactly a life-threatening condition. As a mother, I don’t have much time and working as a lawyer, I am cynical. So I didn’t think much would come of our initial meeting. How wrong I was. That first meeting with John left me utterly captivated. I realised that there was a lot missing from my life. John is logical and super smart. He is highly experienced and understood I wanted practical help. John immediately gave me lots of tools – some of which I didn’t even realise I needed. In my profession I am trained to see the different sides of all arguments. It is ironic then, that I couldn’t see beyond my own way of thinking until I worked with John. From just a few sessions with John, my feelings towards my relationships with my family and friends have completely changed. The impact on my career has been substantial. The outcome is a significant change in the relationship I have with myself – which is something I cannot put a price on. Thank you John!!!”


“I have recently graduate with a 1st class honours in Physiotherapy and have been married to the woman of my dreams for 11 months. However, the person I was 12 months ago was unrecognisable. My lecturers believe I am one of the most intelligent and articulate students from my cohort. I usually find writing for purpose easy, however, on this occasion I am perplexed, as I honestly cannot find words powerful enough to describe the value that Johns intervention has brought to my life. I hope my story will do John just.

The day after celebrating my 30th birthday with my family and friends I woke with invasive thoughts that questioned every part of my personality. These intense and overwhelming ideas occupied my head and created brutal conflict with everything I knew and believed. On the rare occasion that I could sleep, I had vivid nightmares and woke having anxiety attacks. As despairing this was, it was nothing compared to being awake. I did not eat for three days, I cried continuously, stopped doing everything I enjoyed and found it distressing and exhaustive to get out of bed. I even thought I had fallen out of love with the woman I was going to marry in six weeks. Within two weeks of my breakdown I had seen two separate CBT therapist and commenced taking citalopram (SSRI antidepressant/anxiety medication), however, this had little no effect. I felt like I had been possessed as I had become a shadow of the fit, health, academic and confident young man who loved his life. Aware that anxiety and depression driven suicide are the leading cause death of my demographic, I knew I need help… fast.

My wife (girlfriend at the time) had met John briefly as a guest speaker on a weight management class she enrolled in and at the time she could not stop talking about him. Being a logical thinker who’s persuaded only by scientific evidence and not anecdotal success I was sceptical; nonetheless I was desperate. The following day I called John and had a very brief conversation on the phone in which he listened to my problem. He responded with a momentary pause and said ‘I can help you’. From this moment I was instantly captivated by John. I shall not detail Johns methods and knowledge as he does this perfectly though out his website. Also, I need not talk of his empathetic nature or his calming and welcoming aura as this can be heard by listening to any of his recordings. What I must highlight are these three very important things, which I feel the audience of this testimonial should read.

1) If you are reading this, then you probably need help. There is no shame in this; John can give you that help.
2) By the end of the first session John will know you better then you know yourself, and help you discover your true self. Which is liberating!
3) Any CBT therapist can listen to your thoughts. John can teach to become self-aware so that you can listen to, understand and then action those thoughts, whether that be responding to, ignoring or changing those thoughts (especially those which are negative and outdated). John can teach you to understand why you are having these thoughts and why you are responding the way you are. Most importantly, he will teach you how to change your physical and emotional response to these thoughts.

My wife and I agree that John has had a greater impact on my life then either her or my family. I personally do not think I can place any quantifiable measure on what John has taught me and am confident that if I am faced with anxiety or depression again, that I’ll be able to independently manage it.”


“David Hawkins once said that the best therapists had the following attributes; they calibrated over 400 and they had experienced the issues of that they where giving advice on. In my years searching for the answer to anxiety John gave it to me in 4 sessions, in less than 8 hours. He ticked the above 2 boxes that I know were missing from all the standard therapists I had seen. I can’t recommend John highly enough – listen to his message – put in the effort – see life-changing results.”


“Hi John, I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch, I have been so busy sorting my life out! 🙂 I just wanted to thank you so much for the sessions we had. You have changed my life and I am so grateful. I am off to University in a few weeks to do my MSc in Public Health, I decided against medicine in the end as I liked this course better. I am feeling so much better and feel like I can cope with almost anything and it’s all down to you.”


“I contacted John towards the end of 2014 when due to work pressures I was in a pretty bad state and severely depressed. I had just been signed off from work and to be honest I was in utter despair. I could not see even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Unlike other help I had received, John cut straight to the issues and began to tackle these immediately. I felt much better right from the very first sessions and I continued to improve slowly as the weeks went by. I learnt a huge amount about myself through reading, exercises and the therapy sessions. The key learning for me was not to live in the past and to look forward to the future without fear. It took a lot of time and hard work, but I am now a much changed and much happier individual, probably happier than I have been in decades. I would urge anyone with similar problems to seek the appropriate help, as I have found out there is a happier future just around the corner.”


“I went to see John when I had moved to a new area (having started a new job) and felt alone and distanced from friends and family. I was also suffering with work stress and it had crept into my personal life so much that all I cared about was my career. Until I reached out and started sessions with John, I didn’t realise the extent of the rut that I had allowed myself to get into. John helped me to see for myself what was troubling me and through that he helped me realign my thoughts and perspective on almost every aspect of my life. He provided calmness and logic at a time when I felt stuck and unlike myself and I still use his methods and listen to his recordings to keep myself on track today. I cannot speak highly enough of his work and his ability to understand.”


“I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a testimonial! But here we go!! I think one reason why it has taken so long because I find it hard to put into words the profound effect John has had on my life! I still think there are no words that could do it justice, but I’d like to get some words down so others can be helped as well. Before I met John I had spent years suffering with anxiety, thinking it was the normal way to feel and was almost beginning to accept it was how my life would be. It was when I met my girlfriend that I recognised that I really needed help, I was struggling with intimacy issues, the relationship was suffering, and because I loved her very much, I had to try and do something to solve it. I luckily found John on the internet whilst I was searching for an anxiety specialist, I’m not sure what pulled me to him, but one reason, I think was his testimonial board!

On my first visit I was quickly put at ease with his passion, enthusiasm and his reassurance that I wasn’t some sort of freak! I had several visits and during this time he gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to completely change my consciousness settings, and press that all important reset button on my life! I also was starting a new career training to be a personal coach, which was a massive trigger for my anxiety!

My new job entailed delivering classes and and speaking in front of large groups of people, which was my another of my fears! I am pleased to report that I am now doing really well in my job, I am enjoying taking classes with 30 plus people whilst feeling at ease – I still can’t believe I this is possible! I did split up with that girl, but after Johns guidance I found it easy to cope and move on. I literally feel my life has been completely turned around for the better and the new direction is now so positive.

They say everything happens for a reason and I am glad I had a reason to meet John.”I had a chronic issue with procrastination, which is the primary reason I sought the advice of John Glanvill. Within a matter of a few months, the issues of procrastination have dissipated almost entirely, and I have workable strategies to employ if and when such temptations arise. Through addressing the intricacies of this symptom, my world view has shifted and other parts of my life have been exposed and improved. I am happily continuing my journey with John to achieve the most out of every aspect of my life.”


“I have purchased 2 of your downloads, the Not Feeling Good Enough and the Anxiety MP3’s. These are by far the best downloads that I have ever listened to. I have also read some items on your blog. The one I really like is self-beliefs or self-lies. I have been working with someone on my anxiety and had a recent discussion about how I fool myself into thinking something is true. I plan to keep listening to the MP3’s that I purchased and buy a few more. Thank you and keep up the great work!”


“It has been nearly two years since I finished seeing you and I now truly realise that what you taught me “I am not my thoughts” has changed my life! And you so subtly demonstrated that there are many other ways to live your life. It’s brilliant what you do and it certainly unlocks something within that is very powerful. I have processed so much fear, guilt and despair using your techniques and patiently surrendered that negative energy and I feel great. Thank you so much! “


“Two years ago, through illness, I lost my husband he was also my best friend and soul mate for 49 years. Once I got over the immediate shock and heartbreak, I kept busy organising the house, decorating and spending time with family and friends. Then suddenly, I became anxious, couldn’t concentrate, I lost my confidence, I had negative thoughts that raced around my mind which led to panic attacks when I was out on my own. After a few weeks of trying to cope on my own I realised that I needed help as I did not want to burden my family. I remembered reading about John so I called him and arranged a meeting. Then, with his guidance, deep understanding, knowledge and quiet relaxed manner, he taught and helped to the think like the “old me” again and regain my confidence and self-worth. Now, just after a hand full of sessions I have the confidence to fly on my own and take a short holiday – something I could never had done at earlier this year. John has helped me to find a whole new outlook on life and completely new ways of thinking and acting. Thank you John”


“I had a chronic issue with procrastination, which is the primary reason I sought the advice of John Glanvill. Within a matter of a few months, the issues of procrastination have dissipated almost entirely, and I have workable strategies to employ if and when such temptations arise. Through addressing the intricacies of this symptom, my world view has shifted and other parts of my life have been exposed and improved. I am happily continuing my journey with John to achieve the most out of every aspect of my life.”


“I really enjoyed Mondays session. And I had a great day yesterday – I managed to think about very little all morning (just did my work), and noticed that my body was much stiller than it usually is – not all jittery like my mind! Calm mind calm body. And as a result I felt pretty alive yesterday evening… felt good! To use an analogy – at home I have one of those battery powered hoovers which also has a boost button for extra power. Naturally the battery runs flat far quicker if you use the boost button a lot. I feel a bit like I’ve just discovered that I’ve got a boost button, and that it’s been jammed on constantly!”


“Attending sessions with and listening to recordings of John Glanvill has literally changed my life! This may sound a little dramatic, but let me explain. I have had varying degrees of problems with OCD, anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember – I remember struggling with routines and terrible fear even at Primary School. However, now at 35, the last 7 years have been extremely difficult – the symptoms amplified after what some might term a ‘breakdown’ in 2005 when a previous relationship collapsed and I was made redundant. However these were just triggers that brought out what was already lying underneath all along and despite finding new love with my Fiancée, I had remained largely housebound and unable to work since 2005.

That’s the sad stuff out of the way, basically I was a wreck when I found John 6 months ago. Through a lot of hard work I have turned my life around with the many tools John has given me. You must be ready for help and put in as much effort as John puts in, plus plenty more, yourself. I am no longer coping but embracing life. The 2 most valuable things I have taken from John’s work is the complete change in perspective on life and living he offers you to consider and the simple fact that the adrenaline associated with fear, anxiety, OCD and depression CAN’T LAST FOREVER, it will burn out. The realisation that if you fight fear it WILL ease in the end and not consume you is so liberating. I am now living my dream and setting up my own business (something I would never had thought was within me before seeing John). Life is good. If I can turn my life around, with John and determination, so can you!  Thank you John.”


“For a number of years, almost as far back as I could remember, I had felt a lack of motivation. I went through life flicking from one thing to another, one issue or crisis in my personal or work life to the next. I had the wish to start learning something new, only to do it for a few weeks and then give up. I found commitment in relationships challenging and found it very difficult to truly open up to those close to me. It is true what they say about hindsight as it is indeed a wonderful thing!

Knowing what I know now about myself, I look back and actually find it amusing as to how I used to be.  I first started seeing John as I felt I had had enough of this lack of motivation or direction. Also around the same time I had started seeing a girl who I felt I could truly have something special with, yet had no clue how to do things differently… As I said at the time, ‘If I do what I always have done, I will get what I have always got. And with her, I did not want that. I wanted more!’  When I went to John I almost expected him to hypnotise me, say a few fancy or profound words and then I would be fixed! I quickly realised that this was not the case… What John did was to teach me the skills and knowledge to get me to see things differently and in turn, allow myself to react to them differently or in the way that I would like.


It is now 8 months down the line, I am happier in myself, I have drive and direction of not only what I want, but also how I would like to get there. I am also engaged to be married and in the initial stages of settling down with the view of starting a family… I think that those people who would expect John to ‘fix them’ would be hitting this from the wrong angle. All the changes I have made have been my own doing, within my own time.  What John has done however is to provide me with the skills and knowledge to lead my own path and then supported me along the way. Everyone is different and John tailors his work to the individual in the way that will serve them best. This is why I call him my Yoda.”


“I cannot thank John enough for the help and support he has provided me over the past year. I was stuck; miserable and unfulfilled and didn’t understand why. For years I’d tried numerous self-help books and approaches but with limited success as I still found so many things an uphill struggle. John’s approach to emotional intelligence and self-awareness were like a lightbulb moment for me. Things started to make sense.

I still had to work at it, and I still am, but now I feel I have a better skill-set to deal with the challenges in my life and things in myself that I want to work on. Recently I went through a difficult break-up and where I thought I’d forgotten all the learnings from John’s self-awareness course, I found it all came flooding back. It was still painful and I definitely had a few slip-ups – but my recovery was all of about a month. Nothing in comparison to the many difficult months I went through after a previous painful break-up. Thanks to my new skill set I was able to observe my thinking patterns and habits and address them – I wasn’t just ‘living by reaction’ as John puts it.

Personally, I find it hard to understand all the stigma around seeing a therapists/life-coach/change worker (whatever you want to call it): if you want to learn an instrument or a new sport, sure, you can go it alone in the ‘self-taught’ fashion, but (bar a few prodigies) people excel when they have a facilitator – a professional who already has the skills and who can observe you and show you how it’s done. Why should we treat personal development any differently? I can honestly say I am a better person for the work I’ve done with John. Thanks again.”


“I would like to say thank you for all the help you gave me, as when I saw you I was in a really dark place. You really helped me to see I wasn’t completely worthless and that I could make a life for myself and be happy within myself. I have made some new friends, found a job and am getting out of the house which is leaps and bounds from when I came to see you. I also have a plan for the future. I still struggle from time to time with anxiety and I know depression is always going to be around in my life, however I am really positive that I can manage it and look to the future. Most importantly i can see that I have a future and it might be really happy! Thank you again for all your help, you played a major part in giving me my life back.”


“I rang John because I’d spent years fighting (both mentally & physically!!) I had reached a point where I was losing friends sympathy for my unpredictable behaviour. I’ve always had drinking, substance, weight and money issues. We began to talk about what anxiety is and how it affects your well-being. After a few sessions I started to understand why I was feeling up and down and learnt techniques to manage it. I would highly recommend John because he explains how to take steps to change your life which are practical and achievable. We also had a laugh doing this which helped!. I’m currently controlling the drink, have stopped the drugs, lost a lot of weight and curbed the money binges -so things can change if you learn to stick to a plan.”


“Thank you John for helping me to start the road to overcoming my anxiety and changing the way I live. The changes we made in just a few short months were more than I could have hoped for. I now believe I have the tools, understanding and outlook on life that will serve me well for the future.”


“Thanks again, John. Massively. Without sounding too dramatic, you literally are a lifesaver.”


“I first stumbled across John’s website after googling my symptoms and the circles of anxiety it was running me in. The very first phone call was one of the toughest parts to my recovery as I was admitting to myself that I wanted help and putting my up-most trust in another person. From speaking to John I could tell that he really cared personally from the questions he asked and how he would listen with great attentiveness to my stories and responses. We arranged a first session and from that point forward I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, an escape that I had not even envisaged possible. Now I look back at this from a completely different and understanding view.

I feel that I am in a greater position personally that others who might not have had a condition as I have some invaluable tools that I carry with me throughout my life now. John has found his vocation and is a master at helping others with the issues they might be experiencing in their life. He has been through the same so has a deep understanding and one that has come from great experience and not just from books. He is deeply respected in his field and a valuable trustworthy friend. If you are unsure of the first step then I would urge you to just speak to John. You have all the tools you need, John will help remind you and steer you back so you can achieve this yourself.”


“I  wanted to send another thank you, I’ve been reading the information about anxiety on your website and have found your insights wonderful. You’ve pinpointed things that I’ve always felt, but other therapists didn’t seem to really understand. Anyway cheers again for putting such useful info on the Web – you’ve helped me already!”


I just want to say a great big thank you my husband slept for 5 hours last night, what an improvement on the normal 45 minutes! Thank you for all your help during our very distressing situation.


I would really like to share a fantastic breakthrough today which came about by applying what you said about virtual reality and the characters we listen to. I have finally been able to let go of my grief and anger over my mum dying and it feels wonderful. I still feel sad that I can’t share things with her but a whole load of guilt and frustration has gone. I looked truthfully at what I was feeling and finally understood what I was doing. My mum was my yardstick – or rather my virtual reality view of my mum was. When I Iooked at it properly I realised that this person never existed – could not have existed because ‘she’ was just too good, too perfect. So my judge has been measuring against an impossible yardstick and, because mum is no longer around her image was constantly inflating even more. Thus my judge was telling my victim that I was falling even further behind and my victim was feeling even more like an awful failure – especially with weight issues as mum fought against her weight all her life and managed to control it. Actually she didn’t but my judge decided that she did and told my victim I was falling far short.

Now I’ve recognised that I still feel sad that she’s gone but the weight of guilt at never measuring up has gone and I’m remembering when she said she felt in awe of stuff I’d done, especially how I’d built such close relationships with my children when she felt she could have done so much better with me when I was small. She had a judge and a victim too. She was as human as me, not the superhuman being I’d created. It feels magical. Thank you for showing me the tools and knowledge to work it out.


“I first came to see John because my relationship at the time had shattered in a similar way to all my other relationships in the past. I felt extremely hopeless at first and knew I needed to put a stop to whatever part I played in my relationships falling apart. John had been recommended to me and the work he does was exactly what I needed. I’m sure I’m not alone in that having problems with relationships affected and overlapped with all areas of my life; work, ambition, creativity, independence and especially health since I have a long term condition. I think having been to other therapists in the past, I had been going through life applying all the knowledge I had on how to keep happy, but kept falling back every time there was a huge period of drama in my life.

My first session with John changed all of that. It was a very immediate eye-opener and the world hasn’t looked the same since. I’ve learnt quite a lot about taking control of things in my life that I thought I was completely powerless to. I feel a million times more confident in all my relationships and in my abilities and most of all I live most days in a much calmer state; things don’t worry me so much now which just feels extremely liberating! I feel I’ve come a massive way since I started this journey, and I’m really interested in what John teaches so will hopefully see him a few more times purely to learn more. What he does is too unique to be classified under the umbrella of “therapy”, I consider myself very fortunate for the experience I have had working with him.”


“I was initially very nervous about my first appointment with John, however I was put at ease very quickly and felt very comfortable discussing my concerns. The work that I have done with John has really changed my life and enabled me to be the person I want to be. To anyone who has any hesitation about booking an appointment, just give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


“I was in such a state when I called John the very first time, I didn’t know what I was really looking for but I knew I needed to help. My confidence was in tatters and I couldn’t make a decision about anything…. including what therapist to go to. His patient, calm and understanding manner made it very clear on the outset that he was the right person for me and I am so pleased that I decided to see John. He has helped me enormously. I was in a major rut and finding it hard to cope with various circumstances in my life which had become overwhelming – he has enlightened my understanding of my own psyche and given me the tools to move forward successfully and get back to the person I had somehow lost …. with a few enhancements along the way!!

These skills and mindsets are something that I will always cherish and be ever grateful for and thankful that John was there. I would recommend him (and have numerous times already) to anyone needing to reset a few buttons in life which may have been underlying for a long time or become hard to cope with recently. You will not regret it one bit.”


“I have been wanting to update you on my progress since our last sessions back in the summer. Well I’m happy to say my life has changed in so many ways you can’t even begin to imagine. My relationship is now argument free and we are very happy together, I have been promoted at work, reconnected with friends from my past, I am selling products on my new website and I have rekindled my creativity. I just want to thank you so very much, it was the best thing I ever did to come and see you and finally deal with the issues that were holding me back.”


“When I first visited John I was full of anxiety and having awful panic attacks. Four months later I am now feeling much calmer, have an air of happiness about me and am excited about my future – I believe my life will now be a richer experience. Thanks John, my Guru!”


“I promised John that I would not gush when I offered to write a testimonial so I’m going to keep it factual.  In my first session with John my life changed forever – he re-booted my way of thinking completely. From drinking half a bottle of whisky a night, climbing the walls with stress and racing head long through every day / week / month.  Within a week I had stopped drinking almost completely (only 10 glasses of whisky in the last 5 months), and I have learned outstanding strategies that help me cope with the on going difficult issues I am still facing, I call these my “John toolbox” for example; address issues with ‘Fascination not Desperation’ etc. I live in the Present now (Being not Doing) and I have dropped two stone in weight. John is a gentle and clever man, a guide through any problem and he always says the right thing just when you need it.”


“As a rugby playing thirty-something man it is hard to admit that maybe you are struggling with some aspects of life and need help, I’m glad that I found John on a random internet search as he has totally changed my outlook on life and certainly changed my future. John has helped me deal with my self-image and understand who I am, as well as boosting my confidence and reducing anxiety after some really bad years of my life. John does not cure anyone, he gives you the tools to empower yourself and unlock previously locked doors in your mind. John is a man I admire as he has found his true vocation in life, and that vocation means he can help others to be happy again. You may be missing a life changing opportunity if you read this and pass by without stopping to take a look at what you can achieve with a little help from John.”


“I have been wanting to write to thank you for how your sessions have transformed my life, but I hadn’t been able to put it into words. But I can tell you how I have moved forward from the place I was a year ago; hating myself and not seeing the point in life. I have now moved into my own flat and I am doing well at my job. I have even taken a flight to Malta to give a training course to a group of 35 therapists; something I never dreamed I would be able to do. I never realised how much anxiety had been ruling my life. You are truly talented at what you do.”


“I first went along to see John for the first time back in August. I can not describe in words just how far I have come and I am a completely different person. I never thought I could feel this positive and happy. John taught me in just four sessions that it is possible to become the person you have always wanted to be but never dared hope to become. I have suffered for about 8 years on and off with anxiety and weight issues. In all those years I probably tried every single type of treatment known to man without success. In one session with John, I was coaxed into realising that the key to recovery was within me and it was as soon as I realised that there was no one simple ‘fix’, but instead there were tools and techniques that I could use to heal myself, I knew I was on the way to recovery!

I used to fear anxiety with the same intensity that you fear your worst nightmare, but John gently assured me that the key is to embrace and accept. The best advice I’ve ever been given is from John who said, “You can’t train a dog, while it’s not in the room!” I still have moments or days when I still feel anxious but I know that I am on a journey with many ups and downs, and on the downs I remember the things John taught me. I still have a way to go and am realistic in excepting that there will still be struggles but I am ready to be the boss and train my anxiety monster!! And what’s more, John gave me the much needed incentive I needed in asking me to do a slimming blog to lose weight! I joined a slimming group and up to now I have lost 1 stone!

Making contact with John was the best thing I ever did, and I will continue to see John for maintenance sessions as I continue to grow and embrace all that life throws at me! A huge thank you John, for helping me to achieve my 2 main goals in life, A to be happy and B to banish my bingo wings!!!!”


“Thank you for all your help getting me through the tough and challenging time before my operation. Since then I can’t believe how different life looks thanks to you and your way of teaching, thank you so much.”


“A few weeks ago I didn’t want to look to the future, I preferred to dwell on my past and I was feeling pretty hopeless. But with John’s help I actually feel quite excited about my future and have a sense of calm, happiness and confidence in my life that I have never experienced before. I am ready to face my phobia’s and say goodbye to my anxieties and I am so very grateful to John for the help and guidance he has given me to help me through this.”


“I really wasn’t expecting working with John to be so life-changing, but it was. I feel like a different person, he so cleverly uncovered how my emotions were being formed and showed me how disruptive they were being. I loved listening to all the recordings too, there are so many different ways of looking at the world  that I was completely unaware of. If you are looking to change your life I would 100% recommend John. Thank you so very much.”


“Started the day with my first meeting with John who was wonderful – just as I had expected.  No miracle promises but plenty of sound and interesting common sense information. I had managed to cut down to under half a bottle of wine in the entire last week,  plus two glasses of champagne ( which clearly is not alcohol ) and felt much better in myself by the time I met John.   I’m looking forward to seeing how I go this week and also to looking at the bigger picture over the next few weeks.


“Many thanks for your tremendous help over the past few weeks. The sessions I attended with you, were invaluable to me. You made me look at my life and life in general in a whole new light. I now value the important things in my life and have pretty much alleviated all negative thoughts. I can now see where I was going wrong and by making small adjustments I feel so much better in myself and about myself.”


“Your help and advice put me on the right path to overcoming my anxiety. You changed my way of thinking and explained my anxiety in a way that makes sense. Thanks for your help it has really opened my eyes.”


“Thank you for helping me to understand how the subconscious works. That’s the piece of the jigsaw puzzle I was always missing before, so instead of working with it, I was in perpetual battle with myself. The tools and techniques you have shown me have allowed me to take charge of my own healing and get myself back on track. Your helping hand through the therapy has been one of self-empowerment. I still have no idea where I’m headed, but I wake up each morning with curiosity about the day ahead rather than trepidation.”


“I’ve always been a bit anxious throughout my later years and it got to the stage where I had to do something to help me regain control in certain areas of my life.  I remember the first time I spoke with John; it was like someone had fully opened my verbal taps, I just blurted a load of stuff out and John patiently listened. Bearing in mind, this is unlike me as I used to be one of those people who bottled my emotions up, especially during my childhood. Even after that first phone call (which incidentally was only to arrange my first appointment) I felt so much better and knew John was the right person to help me out.

If you are struggling with anxiety, OCD or you just need some guidance on how to get your life back on an even keel then John is your man. It’s not all about hypnosis, it’s about what’s right in front of your nose; and John helps you recognise this. On top of everything else John genuinely cares and as far as I’m concerned that makes him one of life’s good guys.


“Hi John, I can’t thank you enough for your work, your generosity, your compassion, and your true understanding of the anxiety disorders which have consumed my life. I have never believed in hypnosis, thought it was a hoax. However, after listening to the free downloads, you have so generously offered to help those who are struggling financially, I am truly amazed! I felt hope the first time I listened. What’s so unbelievable to me is that after listening only 3 times to the free motivation download, the mere sound of your voice immediately puts me into a relaxed state. This is a true miracle for someone who has difficulty relaxing even when given the chance. Thank you so much!”


“After 6 long dark months suffering from chronic anxiety and emetophobia, and following two failed attempts at finding the right therapist, I luckily found John and all I can say is; he was my lifesaver and the light at the end of my tunnel. John is a true inspiration and made me feel that the things I thought were not possible were. John made me understand the reasons why I ended up in such a dark place and what I needed to do to free myself from my fears and phobias.

It has been a long journey but I am finally at a place where I can say I am a stronger person. John has taught me that it is only yourself that makes you feel the feelings you feel, and that it is all to do with changing your way of thinking and welcoming anxiety as your friend. I am still continuing my journey towards full health and I know this will take time. John has given me the tools and knowledge that I need to reach my destination. I am truly grateful for meeting such a kind, gifted person. Thank you John for helping me change my life.”


“John is one of those truly rare people in this world; someone who really listens and believes so passionately in what he does. I came to John in a very deep dark place and, through his inspirational therapy methods and “teachings”, he helped me to see depression in a totally different light and separate it from myself. He helped me to realise that there is so much more to me than whom I think I am! I am forever grateful for all the time spent with John… thank-you!”


“After all these years thinking nothing could be done, you then show me how to reduce and manage my obsessive thoughts in just four weeks!  I truly can’t thank you enough. It has been funny, sad, frustrating and wonderfully educational. The MP3 recordings and all of your stories have really helped me to see myself in a new light and have, somehow, given me more calmness and choice in what I do and say.  John, thank you so much for giving me my mind and my life back!


“My first appointment with John was made after seeing my good friend totally transformed by his ‘magic’. My problems with excessive weight and difficulties with binge eating were making me desperately unhappy; funnily enough we barely touched on this in our sessions. I had some deep set underlying issues from my childhood that governed how I saw myself. John showed me that my unconscious self (perceptions of me and my coping mechanisms) was outdated and unreliable, based on strategies I had put in place as a three year old. As an adult I ‘coped’ with stressful situations by putting a protective blanket around myself to protect the vulnerable little girl inside.

Unfortunately this blanket consisted of layers of fat and entering the ‘white noise’ of binge eating, when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems. John used a variety of techniques, all adjusted to my particular issues, this cocktail of treatments felt tailor-made and as I progressed through our sessions, after each one I felt elated. It has been many months since I last saw John and I am still losing weight and feel great.  My old demons are no more. I love my life and I love me. Thank you John for all that you have helped me achieve, the freedom I feel and enjoy every day.”


“Thank you so much for your help and guidance, I now feel calmer, more confident and much more in control of my emotions and thoughts. I am now in a much better place, and feel that I can get on with my life with new hope and new opportunities.”


John, You have been the light in my darkest times, you have made me realise that things aren’t always what they seem and that you are responsible for your own happiness in life. The one thing that I feared when I came to you was that I was going to lose my relationship – I did, and do you know what, it may have only been a few weeks ago, but my goodness I feel strong, liberated and ready for the new path that leads me to my new beginning. No more tears or heartache – I will survive and be a better and stronger person for it! I thank you with all my heart for making me realise who I truly am.”


“Working with John has been a truly rewarding experience. He uses a range of psychological techniques to provide an approach which has felt tailor-made to my needs. He is a great storyteller and these stories have been incredibly useful in opening up the unhelpful beliefs that have held me back from achieving what I want. John’s gentle, constructive approach makes personal change a much less difficult journey.”


“Just wanted to let you know that my flights were very good! I felt fine before and during the flights, even with the attempted attack on Christmas day I still felt fine about flying home! My son is a nervous flyer and he was better as he could see I wasn’t nervous. Many thanks.”


“I was looking for help with weight loss but that was the just tip of the iceberg. I had no idea how much more was involved, or how it could be dealt with. John has so gently and skillfully guided me through sedating some difficult, unpleasant memories and experiences that were obstructing any progress I was trying to make on my own. I have learned so much about myself, some good, some bad, but all very worthwhile and productive, and I am beginning to “love myself”, which has been a huge stumbling block for me, but an important thing to achieve.

It has been tough at times, but John inspires great trust in all meanings of the word, and he is as good as his word, he really can help. He has many different techniques at his fingertips, and there will always be one or more to suit the problem and the person. Losing weight has almost been a bi-product of John’s therapy for me, no problem, but the whole package is something I can never thank him enough for. I am almost ready to step out as a brand new person, with a brand new perspective on life and anything it wants to throw at me. John, you are one special gifted person.”


“When I went to see John at the start of the year I was in a very difficult place. I felt paralysed and unable to move since being made redundant from my job. I was depressed, uncommunicative and desperately unhappy. Since seeing John, my life has turned around; I am comfortable with change and feel able to try almost anything. My self-confidence has reappeared and I have been able to launch two businesses. I feel energised and invigorated and look forward to each and every day – I no longer panic about the future or obsess about the past and how I have been wronged. At the same time, I am still very aware of the past and what happened in it, but I now feel that I own my history and accept it; and I take responsibility for my life and choices every day. I have a clear view of what my values are and my strengths and weaknesses and I continue to work daily on those areas that I need to improve further and life feels much better. I highly recommend John.”


“Thank you John for being so supportive whilst I was under so much stress, the sessions before my examinations boosted my confidence and gave me such a more positive attitude, your help is practical and effective.”


“Hi John, I am properly back at work now, sticking to my rule of not taking work home, hitting the gym in the week and giving the appearance of a swan – mostly serene and less moments of hysteria! I’ve even managed to have some civilised conversations with the management! Thank you so much for all your help and support, I’m still not quite sure how you turned it all around for me! The mp3 downloads are keeping me on track and making sure that I don’t fall back – Thank you.”


“John, thank you for your help and support during the last month. In honesty I didn’t know what to expect or even how I would have to deal with the sessions. By helping me tackle my issues you have also made me realise what sort of person I am, how I see others and handle daily life. It has brought a number of key issues to the surface, helped me approach situations differently to how I would have done previously and given me a greater sense of self awareness. The audio mp3′s and reading recommendations has certainly been interesting, relaxing and very meaningful.”


“Hi John, I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for the terrific sessions you held – your calm positive manner is so reassuring, and I felt totally safe in your hands. I enjoyed them so much it was a little disappointing when they ended! You’ll be pleased to hear that I am now able to walk away from chocolate and cakes without feeling as though I’m missing out or really depriving myself. I’ve already lost 1/2 stone with virtually no effort at all! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!”


“Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you properly for all your help and support over the last month. I can’t believe it’s only four weeks since I first came to see you, as I now feel like a totally different person. I had got to the stage where I was just completely fed up of drinking a bottle of wine every night, yet didn’t seem to be able to stop – you totally changed this for me. I’ve had a few ups and downs, but now I feel as though I have a choice about whether I drink alcohol or not, rather than alcohol controlling me. You have enabled me to change the way I look at alcohol, and at life. I feel so much happier and calmer, and have got my self respect back. I honestly can’t thank you enough.”


“The sessions I had with John have helped me enormously, I saw straight away that he was very concerned about my problems and I could tell that he has a genuine passion for helping people who need it! John was extremely knowledgeable and professional and approached my problems from an angle which I could understand. I feel that the sessions I’ve had have equipped me with tools I can use in my everyday life which I’ve found very empowering. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending John to my friends and family as he’s an all-round honest and genuine person. Thanks very much John for everything!!”


“I wanted to tell you what a lovely day I had after my last appointment! I was so relaxed and sailed through the day. We went by train to London for a concert, usually I get anxiety attacks for most of the evening and don’t enjoy anything at all – I took your CD with me and I listened on the train – thoroughly enjoyed the evening! no problems, I’ve also lost another pound and a half! Thank you.”


“There are not many people’s hands I would recommend putting your mind into, John however, with his integrity, knowledge and skill is one of those exceptions – if you want to make a real change, then he is your man.” Alistair Horscroft T.V. Presenter ‘Life Guru’”


“Just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me to overcome my fear of flying. The hypnosis and techniques you used left me feeling totally relaxed and happy with a positive attitude towards flying. As a result of this, I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in America.”


“Thank you for the work you have done with me, you have helped me to see the positive things in life again and I have got to say I feel a hundred times better now. I still have a few off days, but I am sure I will make a full recovery.”


“Just had to contact you to thank you. As you may remember I had a “hang up” (very appropriate) regarding making telephone calls for many years, since working with you this fear has completely gone and I make calls daily with ease and confidence.”


“I felt I should write to congratulate you on the successful therapy I received. I had no idea the peace one could find when taught how to listen and contact your inner self so to speak. My whole lifestyle has changed. I am now both confident and at peace with myself and still learning so much. I feel I have wasted many years in needless anxiety and after your excellent therapy I am feeling really at one with myself . Your technique is professional, thought-provoking and utterly calming, many, many thanks for my complete transformation.”


“For a start I was sceptical that hypnosis would work, however I’ve found John’s style very relaxing and he was able to help me to understand and overcome my anxiety.”


“After only one session I made a significant step towards overcoming an ingrained childhood fear. I thought that confronting my fear would be a long and stressful process. John really made me feel at ease, had I known it could be this easy to become fear free I would have taken action years ago.”


“Hi John, I just arrived in Australia and the flight was a breeze! I can’t thank you enough.”


“Hi John, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m now eating onion and have done so on several occasions. It’s still not my favourite food but is now manageable! Thanks for all of your help.”


“Firstly, I’d just like to say thanks very much for last nights session. I found it so interesting from an poor sleepers perspective as well as a psychologist’s perspective and I really like your positive approach to it all. It’s really opened my mind up to a completely new set of concepts. I also thought I’d let you know I managed to get 8 hours lovely sleep last night without waking once.”


“Although there are still moments when I tend to eat more than I should, I have started to take control back and if I do have any ‘moments’ I don’t beat myself up. The CD’s are very helpful and I enjoy using them as they thoroughly relax me. Thanks for your support and helping me to realise I am special.”


“Thanks for seeing me again today – I feel I’ve got much more control over what I’m doing now, not just hanging on by my fingertips, I could easily have sat in your chair all afternoon!!”


“Hi John, thanks for all of your help, support and for totally believing in me, it has given me so much more confidence to move forward.”


“John, thank you for helping me come to terms with those past issues, I now recognise they are in the past and that is probably the best place for them! When I do occasionally look back those old feelings are greatly diminished and I am in control of my reactions to them.”


“I didn’t know what to expect from the hypnotherapy, but I found it calm, relaxing and I was totally in control. When combined with the other techniques John used, it cleverly uncovered my anxiety and then it was obvious what I needed to do.”


“John’s approach to emotional change and goal setting is refreshing, interesting and made me take a long hard look at my life and what I wanted to achieve. The outcome was more than I was expecting and I have a new self awareness that has broadened the choices available to me in my life, a renewed self confidence too.”


Testimonial Disclaimer – Sometimes it is hard to know who to choose to work with as therapists style differ, to help you get a feel for who I am and how I have helped others here are a few of my client testimonials. These Testimonials provide the perspective of individuals who are successful and/or enthusiastic about their experience. Testimonials are not representative of everyone’s experience and only provide information about the individual’s experiences as to the point in time when they are provided. All testimonials are authentic and accurate. No one has been paid to share their stories here.


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