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Bernard Levin wrote ‘Countries like ours are full of people who have all of the material comforts they desire,… yet lead lives of quiet, and sometimes noisy desperation, understanding that there is a hole inside them and that however much food and drink they pour into it, however many cars, clothes and television sets they stuff it with, however many well balanced children and loyal friends they balance around the edge of it – it still aches!

The way to fill that hole is through learning to think and act in new ways that allow you to take more control of how you feel about yourself on the inside, where you can grow to new levels of self love and self-respect, then, everything begins to change. The problems are not ‘out there’ they are ‘within’ and I can help you to finally free yourself and take back  more control of your emotions and self respect. Weight loss and healthy eating can make such a huge difference to our emotional well-being by increasing  self confidence and self esteem, as well as, contributing to our overall health and energy levels. Successful weight loss is made up of many factors; burning calories, understanding diet and nutrition, but above all it is getting yourself into the right frame of mind to lose weight.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be an effective part of this strategy, however, there is so much more to it than just focusing on losing weight. Most people try to use will power to slim down and that works to a certain degree, but (metaphorically speaking) there is a part of you that doesn’t want to be lighter and that part of you usually resides in the unconscious part of the mind, under the radar – and when your will power diet is just beginning to work, that unconscious part says “I don’t think so” and then you are just at the mercy of your unconscious old out-of-date responses to food.

The unconscious (old animal) part of us is far more in-charge of our emotions and responses than you might expect and often uses very child like strategies  with respect to food and emotions. This is where I work with you, on these old unconscious responses, the old out-of-date beliefs you may have about yourself, about others. I work with you on many levels to reconnect with self esteem, confidence and emotional calmness – and this is the key to emotional weight stability.

How to lose weight and feel confident

“How to lose weight?” is a question people ask every day, it seems to me there are almost too many people claiming effective weight loss techniques and hundreds of diets available – it can be so easy to get lost in all the information we are continuously bombarded with.

However, the reality is that effective weight loss and burning calories are simply down to you – and you alone – whether you realise it or not, you control what you eat, you control how you feel and you control what you do.

I know it’s not as easy as that! – Because a big part of ‘you’ is controlled by your unconscious mind, the amazing part of you that controls all your emotions, all the chemical reactions in your body and has an overriding need to keep you safe (although often the unconscious version of ‘safe’ can be outdated and embedded in the erroneous assumption that if you are larger you will be safe or that food offers a form of comfort.)

Your unconscious (which if left alone) can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride as it fights with the conscious part of you called ‘will power’ and it’s the unconscious part that normally wins. It’s here thathypnosis and hypnotherapy weight loss techniques become very effective as they update your old automated unconscious responses to food and feelings about yourself.

The unconscious mind does not respond well to logic – it works with feelings, emotionsgoals and long term planning of what you want from life. It only works in positive statements (not negative ones) it likes to know what you Do Want not What you Don’t Want – that’s why just saying “I don’t want to be fat” is not enough.

The mind and the body are intrinsically linked – so the first step towards a positive change in your body is to have positive feelings in your mind, where healthy foods and a more active lifestyle become core to your needs as a wonderful person, and the healthier you are, the more you can be present for those around you.

Over the years, I have found that effective weight loss starts with a new more positive set of emotions on the inside, more self worth, self esteem, a new more positive way of talking to yourself and instead of hating certain parts of your body, you begin to embrace them and work with them towards how you want them to be.

If you don’t want to gain weight anymore – I believe that if you need to ask yourself some serious questions, then, when you have a very clear picture of what you want, why you want it, what you will look like, how you will feel and how your life will be different – then you begin changing your lifestyle which will in turn allow you to manage your weight.

Your overall desire to change must be compelling and you must be clear of why you are doing it and what the benefits will be – those benefits (when you think about them) must make you feel better than food does, then you are on the right path – sometimes you just have to say to yourself – enough is enough!

 A few simple observations

  • Eat 1 sausage roll & 1 can of cola more than the calories you need each day and gain 1lb in a week
  • A female who currently weighs 10st needs about 1763-2034 calories a day to stay that weight
  • A female who currently weighs 14st needs about 2030-2343 calories a day to stay that weight
  • To lose ½ lb per week eat 250 calories less than the calories required to sustain your current weigh
  • To lose 1 lb per week you need to eat 500 calories less
  • To lose 1½ lb per week you need to eat 750 calories less

  Questions to ask yourself about your weight issues

  • What is my primary motivation to lose weight?
  • What weight do I want to be & why?
  • Is that weight realistic?
  • How important is my health to me?
  • What will be different when I reach my ideal weight?
  • If I lost weight would I actually be the shape I want?
  • What does over eating do for me?
  • How do I feel when I put on weight?
  • What might stop me from losing weight?
  • How much do I really want this?
  • What else in my life do I want to change as well?
  • What will I look like at my ideal weight?
  • How will I feel about looking that way?
  • Which foods will I need to change?
  • What would my diet look like?
  • Do I really understand the calorific values and nutritional information of food?
  • How will it change my relationships?
  • How will my partner feel about me being my ideal weight?
  • Can I afford a whole new wardrobe of clothes?
  • Which will make me feel better for longer – food or being my ideal weight
  • What will being my ideal weight do for my confidence? Is that OK?
  • Do I love myself enough to do this?
  • Do I deserve to be slim and confident? (answer is yes!)
  • Who else could be losing weight with me?
  • What else?

Slimming versus being happy with yourself

There’s a trap that you may make for yourself by saying that you’d like to be a stone lighter or have a slimmer figure, because, the truth is, it’s when you let it go – that’s when you can begin to have what you really crave – this is the beginning of a successful weight loss program.

Because our mind plays tricks with us, it misleads us, let me show you. Ask yourself “I want to lose a stone because….? Because then I’ll feel better, because then my clothes will fit, because then I’ll have more confidence, because then people will respect me, because then I’ll respect myself, because then I’ll be more attractive……”

And if we keep taking these ridiculous ego driven statements to the end, what usually comes out is “I want it because I want to be loved – I want more love in my life.” And “I want someone outside myself to give it to me!” And here’s the reality, that just isn’t how it works.

The idea is to say, “If I really want, what I say I really want” then that stone wouldn’t even be an issue; it would be gone in no time. Because, you would start behaving in ways that would make that happen. The fact of the matter is, biologically, that you need to increase fat loss and burn off more calories than you consume – so it comes down to what you put in and how you increase the amount you burn off. These are things that anyone can do, and the reason they don’t, frankly, is because they are doing something else.

So, this is all about becoming bone crushingly honest with yourself and realising that it’s all so obvious. Because, you don’t know that if you lost a stone that anything would change, except that you would look different. But you do know that your ego likes to think that if you were just 10% better looking, 10% more articulate, 10% slimmer, 10% more funny, then happiness would just wash all over you. But the fact of the matter is – it just isn’t true!

So, I’d like to help you give up those non essential thoughts and say – rather than losing a stone and getting happy – let’s get happy and let that stone just melt off. Because you’d be doing things that were healthier and thinking thoughts that were more positive and reality based.

See, the circular nature of the ego is always seeking but never finding. And as soon as it does find something it begins the search for the next thing. It’s constant and it’s tiring, because if you cut it down to the bare essentials, it’s pretty simple – our happiness starts within, the love that we need starts within, and yet, all this time, we were searching outside of ourselves and totally missing the point.

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Eating disorders

I would like to separate eating disorders from the term weight loss. I do not specialise in working with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia which are complex psychological conditions that seem to be based in guilt, shame, low self-esteem and childhood trauma.

Food cravings

Sometimes we have a particular food that is our ‘down fall’, tempting us away from our goal to lose a few pounds. These foods often include crisps, cakes, biscuits and sweets, many people tell me that they must surely have a chocolate addiction!

Using powerful yet safe NLP weight loss techniques it is possible to change some of these cravings or modify them to be far more appropriate to fit into your slimming plan rather than sink your best intentions.

Therapy for weight loss in Devon

Hypnosis for weight loss – Using hypnosis and a range of therapies I can help you get yourself into the right ‘frame of mind’ to change aspects of your lifestyle that will affect your weight. Together we will explore the questions above and resolve any negative beliefs that you may have about what is possible, then re-energise your confidence and self-esteem to new levels that allow you make the right changes.

I am not a dietitian or a nutrition expert – that part is up to you. – Truth is we all know that to lose weight your calorie intake must be less than the amount you burn each day. My job is to work with you on your personal mental attitude and confidence, so that you are not relying solely on will power and you are doing something you really want to do.

Occasionally, people have issues and events from their past that (consciously or unconsciously) weigh on their mind, deep down they know that if they were to be rid of these feelings  (guilt, shame, regret, anger, fear, to name a few) they might feel far more liberated to move forward. Using hypnotherapy I can work with you to release any negative and toxic past emotions, opening the doorway to more choices in your life now, and in the future.

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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