Stop my anxious emotions and racing mind

Anxiety & OCD Treatment

Specialist help to overcome anxiety & anxious feelings, panic attacks, OCD, GAD and its effects on emotions, mind, body & sleep

I feel lost and stuck

Help Lift Depression

At certain stages in our lives we can feel lost, it’s emotionally exhausting, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

Online Calmness Course

Help me, to help you….        During 2019 I will be creating the most in-depth, guide to finding calmness that I possibly can. I will be producing videos and animations plus reams of practical advice for your emotional well-being. Perfect for exhausted thinkers who have just had enough.

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“Helping you to let go of your past, so you can enjoy the now and finally become the real you.”

Anxiety treatment, therapy and education to find more happiness, calmness and emotional control. I take you on a journey of self-discovery that breaks the self-destructive behaviours you are currently experiencing and allows you to reconnect with more self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Through the psychology of emotional self-awareness, unravelling your personality type and practical spirituality (non-religious), we uncover the unconscious self-limitations and unhelpful self-beliefs you learned from the people and the events of your life and install new strategies that change how you think, act and feel so that you can become the real you.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”

Working with me…

“Embrace vulnerability, let go of stories, accept yourself, have a dream & love”

Welcome to my website please take some time to look around and perhaps watch the 2 videos above as they will give you a good understanding of how I work and what to expect. I offer common sense education, therapy and advice regarding what you need to do to change. I don’t do counselling because talking about problems over and over again does not work, my process is full of “Here’s why you feel this way” and “Here’s what you have to do“. There is a logical and rational process, developed over 20 years and has removed anxiety, OCD and depression from my own life completely, so I know that it works.

Give me a call today and let’s chat about what is possible…. 01280 731155