10 self help videos I like

My favourite videos

I thought I would link to some of my favourite YouTube videos. No specific topics just things that inspire me and people who are passionate about what they do, however, I do love science.


Carl Sagan – Incredible symphony of life

I just love this compilation and listen to it every morning really loudly, it’s just inspring at all levels.


Brene Brown – Expanding Perceptions

Listen carefully because she knows what she is talking about…….


M Ward “Chinese Translation”

Just a great song……


What is the best medicine?

Wise words indeed……


Where do boundaries stop and life start?

The power of dreaming a new dream…


Alan Watts – The culture of counter-culture

Beautiful observations…


Black dog named depression

Beautiful observations…


Embracing anxiety and panic – Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This is undoubtedly the fastest way to change the symptoms of anxiety.


Brene Brown – Expanding Perceptions

The price of numbing vulnerability..


A wonderful speech about strokes

Dr Jill Bolte


Richard Feynman – Inconceivable nature of nature

I could listen to him talking about anything, being about science just makes it more compelling.

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