So, if we could learn to decipher how our unique brain has been wired up – or at least learn the fundamentals of how this works – we have the chance to reverse or rewire some of these brain patterns.

One process that helped me enormously – was through personality profiling.

I have already introduced you to the simplistic (yet powerful) model for Warriors, Settlers and Nomads, and now I would like you to explore MBTI – the Myers and Briggs personality test – based on the exceptional work of Dr Carl Jung on archetypal characters.

Now bear with me if you have already profiled yourself or been profiled at work – because I want to bring in additional information that is often overlooked.

The test is free here MBTI Test

The test separates people into one of sixteen personality types, eight of which are extroverts and eight of which are introverts; it then subdivides further through exploring if you are a thinker, a feeler, are judgmental, how you perceive, intuit or sense the world.

Finally, a role is classified, a Guardian, an Artisan, a Rational or an Idealist.

This methodology is outlined in video 28 of my anxiety and OCD recovery course that can be accessed here www.patreon.com/theanxietyspecialist – check it out!

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