Specialist help for anxiety, OCD & depression

I aim to provide consistently high-quality, personalised therapy specialising in all anxiety disorders, overcoming depressive conditions and working with intelligent individuals who need guidance to understand themselves better and discover who they truly are and what they want from life.

In addition to the therapy/education, I provide recordings to listen to and videos that can be accessed to reinforce all the smart work we do.

My work is very process-driven and educational, once your emotions are more under control, you will have the skills and knowledge to see and live life differently so it becomes hard to slip back into old self-sabotaging routines.

Pricing options

Face to face £150
These are 1.5-hour sessions at my office.
Online Skype £150
1.5-hour sessions delivered through Skype or Zoom.
Longer sessions £280
Many of my clients come a long way to work with me as there are very few therapists that fully understand anxiety and specialise in treating anxiety disorders or delivering my kind of emotional mastery personal growth education. They may be tiring, however, these 3-hour sessions make the trip far more cost-effective.


Online Skype sessions £150 for a 1.5-hour conference

Because of the specialist nature of my work with anxiety, OCD, and depression, many people in different countries want to work with me. We do this via Zoom.us video conferencing (I just send you a link) but you will need a good internet connection, a reasonably large screen (not a phone) and the video will be on so I can see you.

Because it is a little difficult to explain things online – you will need to watch all my explanation videos here before we start, these are also helpful for carers and partners of anxious people.

Sign up to watch existing videos


Online low-cost video therapy for those who can’t afford to see me £10 ($12) per month

For those who can’t afford high-quality therapy or who are disappointed with NHS CBT therapies and are looking for a more technical “thinkers” view on what anxiety is – I am developing my own online anxiety, OCD and depression recovery course that is free to join and only costs a few pounds each time I release a new video.

Online anxiety course


Tailored options

Where appropriate I am open to specialised and bespoke ways of working, these include:

  • Coming to your residence
  • Weekend workshops
  • Working with you on vacations (for some this is the only free time they have)
  • Relationship retreats
  • Interviews
  • Public speaking

These options are POA and will include all costs.


Free initial consultation

This is normally by phone, however, you are very welcome to have this meeting in my office, it usually lasts about 20 minutes and is an informal way of outlining your needs and discussing the outcomes that you are looking for and importantly, it allows you to ensure you feel comfortable with me before making a commitment.


Number of sessions required

On average I see clients between 3 – 9 sessions, however, this is very dependent on your problem and the length of time you have been living with it. Deep-seated anxiety and OCD may need more sessions over a longer period of time.

Session frequency is initially weekly and then can be extended to wider gaps after the first three depending on finances, time, and how you are responding to the therapeutic interventions.

Note: The work I do is NOT focused on you talking and talking about your problems and going over your past time and time again, I feel this just reinforces old patterns and revives unhelpful emotions. My style of therapy and education is based on teaching you new ways to act, new ways to think, new ways to connect with your emotions, and completely new ways to interact with life and yourself. In fact, I do most of the talking for the first session or two as I give you dozens of new ways of recognising and understanding your problem, then I teach you the techniques required to move through them. This new way of being, not only helps you to overcome your presenting problem, it also allows you to change other aspects of who you are and how you interact with life and those around you.


Working week

Monday to Thursday 08:00 – 20:00 (the last session starting at 18:00)

Friday 08:00 – 17:30 (last session starting at 16:00)

Saturday & Sunday closed (as my work-life balance is deeply important to me).



Payment is made in full at the end of each session by cash or by cheque (online in advance by PayPal). Any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full. If your financial situation is difficult, please talk to me before booking any sessions and we can explore what might be possible, although I can’t promise anything.



Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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