Drama. Are you an escalator or a diminisher?

Just a short blog today, with a simple question for you to ponder.

When life and people do all the annoying things that they seem to do, and when things don’t go your way – do you (unknowingly) tend to escalate the drama of the situation or do you calmly diminish the drama of the situation?

The majority of people with anxiety based disorders seem to escalate the drama of a situation in many differing ways, many of which they are largely unaware of:

  • By needing to control people and events
  • By needing to avoid people or certain situations
  • Their anxiety may invoke reactions from others, thus causing drama (helping, protecting, avoiding etc.)
  • By forcing others to behave in certain ways (so they feel calmer)
  • By needing lots of reassurance or confirmation that things are OK
  • For some anxiety sufferers, they need clear plans and hate uncertainty
  • Do certain needs get met by being the centre of attention?
  • Do certain insecurities get fed if you get your way?

Our point is, does any drama serve you (or them) well? We don’t think so, we feel that drama, control and manipulation are very superficial ways to avoid emotions like guilt, embarrassment, loss, feeling not good enough, being out of control and other uncomfortable emotions.

So, how can you have less drama in your life? How can you become the type of person who calmly diminishes the drama of a situation and does not stress themselves over the small things (and the large things) that life throws at us?

Do you want to be an escalator or a diminisher? What will serve you and those around you better?

Perhaps I can help you lessen the drama in your life?

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