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My clients range from young entrepreneurs right through to well established and successful managers and business owners. They are people who have a natural flair for making things happen and have an innate desire to achieve more. To make this happen they want to continue building skills and developing new levels of personal awareness that keeps them one step ahead – emotionally, strategically and mentally.

Help to remain calm and focused

My role is NOT to guide you financially or tell you how to manage your marketing strategy; there are many people who can do that.

I can help you to emotionally manage the stress and frustration of dealing with the politics and petty agendas of managing teams and people. I engage you in learning new ways to understand your own emotional strengths and weaknesses and how to use them with more emotional intelligence for greater efficiency.

If something is holding you back, we identify what it is, unravel the emotions of the people and the politics behind it, and find new ways of moving forward.

My processes explain and demonstrate where fear and anxiety come from and how to minimise disruptive emotions without repressing them or taking them home in the evening. Stress within managers and leaders is a silent danger, for fear of feeling ‘compromised’ many leaders do not discuss their feelings and fears, as the internal pressure builds up, it manifests itself as anger, IBS, irritability, irrational phobias and psycho-schematically, such as, skin complaints, ulcers and ultimately more serious disease.

When you work with me you are allowing yourself to understand who you are more fully, then, manage your emotions in a new more productive regime that leaves you with more calmness, this leads to more choice, less stress at home and a new response from colleagues, clients and customers.

Many clients have ‘business coaches’ and tell me that I fill a gap that few specialise in – and that is your emotional well-being and psychological state of mind.

  • Personal and emotional growth
  • Understanding your own personality and internal conflicts
  • Exploring how others see you?
  • Managing stress and recognising associated ailments
  • Recognising emotions and releasing them
  • Eliminating self-limiting doubts
  • Calming the narration in the mind
  • The use of language in communication
  • Emotionally managing the effects of change across a team
  • Knowing how to recognise anxiety and depression in colleagues
  • How to help those with anxiety and depression

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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