Behind all fear is really the fear of dying

The fear of death (or others passing away) can be hugely incapacitating and a massive source of unwanted anxiety.

In reality there are actually two differing phobias that are death related. Firstly, necrophobia which is the fear of dead things, where extreme repulsion is experienced upon seeing a corpse or even a dead animal. The other phobia affects people who have a fear of dying and are fearful at the prospect of their own death, this condition is known as thanatophobia. It is possible to suffer from both phobias, terrified of death in any guise.

It is common to find that people who experience necrophobia have, in the past, been through an experience or an event that proved very distressing to them. These events often include close exposure to a human corpse or a dead animal. Examples of events that have triggered the fear of death phobia include, being in a room with a corpse or being present at the cruel death of an animal. In some very rare cases the fear of death was initiated through watching something on television.

Treating thanatophobia (fear of death)

The emotions and feelings generated by this fear of death phobia can be very powerful and trigger panic attacks and other anxious episodes that may stop the person from doing things like driving, flying or even going to work. Hypnotherapy for treating the fear of death can be quite effective because it is possible to calmly revisit the event that triggered the initial response and discharge many of the bad feelings. Often the triggering event is very traumatic, involving the loss of loved ones or favoured pets so resolution may take more sessions than for more simple phobias. Following on from the hypnotherapy and through gradual exposure to the fear things become far more manageable.

Visiting loved ones who are about to pass away or attending funerals of people who were important in your life can be impossible if necrophobia isn’t controlled. But, with the proper therapy, death can once again become the last natural phase of life and can be encountered with love, acceptance and the capacity to grieve appropriately.

Therapy to help you accept the cycles of life and death

Using hypnosis, NLP and a range of tools I can help you loosen the grip this phobia has on your life, working gently with you to release bad feelings and memories of events that may have happened in the past and giving you the confidence to change your responses and emotional feelings.

Call me today, and we can explore your situation and discuss what is possible, we all deserve to be in control of our emotions, I can help you to do this.

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