Emotional control self-awareness series

This is a series of 13 mp3 recordings and 9 hypnotic recordings that teach you new ways to stop getting emotionally hooked by life and how to take more control over your mental chatter as you explore and change self limiting beliefs.

The first 4 sessions are free and when you purchase the remaining 9 sessions you also get 9 hypnotic relaxation, weight loss and self-esteem recordings on a CD.

To get this CD please talk to Fiona, the price is £80 for the 15 hours of recordings and if you aren’t happy with the content your money will be fully refunded.

1 – Gratitude   Session 1 Gratitude

2 – Abdication of Power   Session 2 Abdication of Power

3 – Attention   Session 3 Where is Your Attention?

4 – Finding Neutral   Session 4 Finding Neutral

These recordings are best listened to through headphones plugged into your PC, iPad or phone (just go to this web page on that device and press play).

Here is a free hypnotic recording to aid your weight loss too.

Hypnotic – Weight Loss 1   Hypnotic Weight Loss Motivation Recording