Generalised Anxiety Disorder – What is it?

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is the name given to any form of anxiety, severe worry or panic – where the individual can’t specifically say what is causing the overwhelming emotions or fear based responses.

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Treatment

GAD is one of the common forms of anxiety and often affects people who are quite clever, logical and rational, because of their intelligence it becomes very scary and confusing about what is wrong with them and what they need to do to overcome the anxious feelings.

Another name for this is Free Floating Anxiety and it keeps you on edge with your anxious or panicky feelings never far away – this continued worry leaves the experiencer feeling drained and exhausted.

After prolonged exposure to generalised anxiety disorder the person becomes more and more indecisive and worried about new situations or experiences and this leads them to doubt themselves and reduce their confidence.

When you are going through a serious phase of generalised anxiety disorder your body is releasing adrenalin at the same speed your body can produce it (like a leaking tap), so it is possible to sustain feelings of anxiety for long periods of time, this is exhausting and may disrupt the quality of sleep, thus creating more things to worry about.

Symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder

This list is over and above the symptoms of anxiety list discussed elsewhere on this website.

  • Feelings of fatigue and emotional exhaustion
  • Overwhelming (unwanted) physical responses from your body
  • Difficulty sleeping and morning anxiety / tiredness
  • Self doubt, procrastination and an urge to remain at home
  • Negative internal stories and mental catastrophising
  • A fear you may be ‘losing the plot’ or losing your mind

Getting help for generalised anxiety disorder

The first step is to visit your Doctor to exclude any other conditions that are prone to throw the body into states of stress or discomfort. Then, once Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) has been diagnosed we can start the journey of getting you out of this negative cycle of worry, panic, control and guilt. We explore the fact that anxiety is actually a problem of thinking combined with a bodily fear response that has become uncalibrated and is kicking off at the wrong time or not able to shut off.

GAD is a symptom not a problem (although it does cause problems) – so if you are looking for what is externally causing the generalised anxiety disorder you are missing the point.

Fundamentally, anxiety is the bodies response to too much thinking, feeling too exhausted and continued worrisome thinking, ruminating and catastrophising about what’s going on now and in the future.

I have been helping people recover from generalised anxiety for over 10 years and can teach you what it is, how to stop it and then how to think and live differently so it does not come back.

Take a look around this specialist anxiety website and then give me a call on 01280 731155 and I can explain what is possible.

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