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Help to define your goals

This goal setting workbook will teach you how to quickly define goals, taking you through a full example of goals setting. This is a powerful, yet simple way to get change in your life and is especially useful for any person who is a little ‘lost ‘or has some depressive feelings.

The unconscious part of our mind needs to have a clear vision of what we actually want from life, all things, big and small. However, most people know what they don’t want rather than what they do want – “I don’t want to be sad / overweight / shy” etc. When you take the time to explore and document what you do want, the unconscious mind grabs onto these concepts and starts to take you forward – you’ll find the changes can be quite dramatic.

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How to set goals

Over the years many people have told me that they are not sure of their goals and they don’t know what they want from life. This reoccurring theme has led me to produce this document, based on years of experience, I know that it is about the simplest way to elicit your goals and is highly effective.

Defining your goals is not easy, but it is beneficial, remember goals don’t have to be huge, they can be as small as remembering to smile or as large as starting your own company. What they do have to be though, is compelling and bound by a time.

Most people are very good at knowing what they don’t want – but this has a flaw, because the unconscious mind can’t process negative or unknown commands, so it just locks down and tries to keep you in your old ‘safe’ routines – even if they may be destructive or out of date.

The solution is simple and elegant, you just reverse what you don’t want and spend a little time deciding what it is you do want. For example; if you don’t want to be shy, you might reverse it and say “I want to be comfortable around people.” By doing this you stimulate a whole range of positive questions – How can I do that? Who can help me? What would it feel like? When should I start? Who shall I tell? These all take you towards a positive solution.

In my experience it is very useful to become the type of person who moves towards solutions rather than away from problems, because often the quickest way to find a solution is just to charge right at it, rather than pussy-footing around getting all anxious and fretful.

Once your unconscious mind can see your clear list and can recognise that achieving these will be good for you, somehow, it s one of the quickest ways to get positive change in just takes you forward. Of course, there will be ups and downs, but at least you will have a map showing you which way to go.

Take your time with this – it may take a week or it might take a month, either way it is really worth the effort.

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