Illusions of the mind

Should you believe what you see?

Amazing Circle Rotating IllusionAs you move your eyes around the image you’ll perhaps see the circles all rotating or jiggling back and forth.

However, as you focus on one single yellow ball they all freeze!

Take a moment to play around and see how your perspective modifies the results you get. What is real? Is my image in fact a video? Are your eyes tricking you? Is your brain tricking you? Of course, this is a still image and the movement is an optical illusion.

How else are we fooled?

We have learned during our lives that our eyes can be tricked or perhaps our mind can be duped and we have seemed to just accept it and come to terms with it. It’s like when you look at one of those big pictures that is made from thousands of dots – and you stare and stare and all you see are dots, then suddenly out of nowhere you can see a whale or some obvious shape – and then it’s hard to not see it.

So optically, we some how accept that we can be tricked by somebody else’s work, we just notice the discrepancy from what we are expecting and then we begin to doubt it.

Are we also being fooled by our thoughts and beliefs?

What interests me though, is how we trick ourselves with our thoughts and our beliefs – and because they are inside us, created by us, we tend to believe them as being true. What I’d like to propose to you is that; our mind, our ego, our fears of being hurt or rejected or not good enough are continuously playing audio tricks in our mind!

That voice in your mind that says “You had better not ask for a pay rise because the boss will just be dismissive and that will feel bad.” Or the voice in your mind that says “Well, I know it’s not a perfect relationship, but it’s better than nothing…” Who says these are true?

Audio illusions

I like to call these audio illusions – because often they just are not true! However, our ego likes to believe they are true – because our ego wants us to be safe, because our ego doesn’t want us to have any conflict, because our ego doesn’t want us to look foolish or feel embarrassed – and so many people believe these stories in their minds of what they can’t do or what they shouldn’t do (which is a belief) and so they don’t do things that perhaps would improve the emotional quality of their lives, all because a little voice in their mind was afraid.

What if that thought (that you believe) was an audio illusion? What if it wasn’t actually true? What if it felt true, but it wasn’t? What if it was just something you learned whilst growing up – a belief, about what you should or shouldn’t do – so you could gain a reward and steer clear of any punishment?

How might your life change if you could recognise audio illusions – “Ahh, I saw that, my mind was trying to scare me into not standing up for myself – I’m not falling for that old illusion anymore…”Can you see how life might take on a new perspective?

What about the person who is afraid to say NO? What is the audio illusion that they are listening to? It’s probably about guilt, “what if I don’t help them, what will they think of me..?” It’s time to wake up to all the fearful games our ego and our mind plays on us – and to start questioning our beliefs.

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