Helping you to explore what you want from your job

Some people live to work and others work to live, some would just like a job. What is your relationship with your career? And how does it make you feel? It can become easy to stick with something even if it doesn’t make you happy, perhaps for the money, the convenience of the job, scared to let go or just unsure of what it is you really want?

Re-evaluating who you are and what you want

It is so easy to just fall into the repetition of doing the same job each day, it’s true that it can feel comfortable to know what to expect each day, however, it can also lead to a form of mental paralysis as your mind follows the same processes and procedures each day making any deviation and unexpected changes a little off putting.

And working with so many different character types, both good and annoying has it’s challenges, our emotions can be pushed from left to right by a single comment or even a facial expression. Working for managers that are perhaps good at their job but poor at managing people can be so frustrating or managers that are great, but don’t have enough power to make the things you need to happen.

We seem to be having to work longer hours, under more pressure and within the constraints of so many more procedures and personal measurements. If any of these scenarios are making you feel anxious or unhappy I may be able to help.

  • Changing your career, what can you do about it?
  • Typically, there are only a limited number options available to you if you are looking for more fulfillment in your career:
  • Change your job within your organisation
  • Change your job within your sector
  • Retrain for something new
  • Work for yourself
  • Take a sabbatical
  • Charity work

However, there is another way too, and that is to Do You Existing Job In a New Way to be able to emotionally reset your thermostat and look at the people, the management, the tasks in a new way that does not leave you feeling emotionally drained or down.

Help to develop more confidence and motivation

So, if you have had enough and don’t know what you want, haven’t got a clue where to start – I can help. My experience and skills are based around helping people to better understand themselves and why they feel the way they do. As they become more aware of out dated self limiting beliefs, get clarity on their personality characteristics and how other personalities may (or may not) see and react to them – they can then understand where emotions come from in a new light and then change them.

This process is very enlightening and very liberating, it allows you to step of of the content of your life and look at it from the context of your life – what you want, why and how it will make you feel. From this comes the desire to want things to be different and more importantly the drive to do something about it.

I can’t find you a new job or career, but I can help you to find the real person inside you, I can help you to understand your emotions (and change them) and I can help you to give your self the metaphoric kick in the bum to do something about it.

  • We can chat about it – just give me a call today on 01280 823059.
  • Where I can help
  • Teaching you where anxiety comes from and how to greatly lessen it
  • Learning how not to take things personally
  • How to not be “put upon” – how to say NO – eloquently and in a non offensive way
  • How to stay calm in an interview situation
  • Exposing your true character type and how to communicate with differing character types
  • Helping you to articulate what you really want from your job
  • Lifting depressive moods caused by lack of a bright vision for your future
  • Showing you how emotions work and that they are very easy to change
  • Goal setting and understanding what your core values are
  • Increasing your self awareness and self-esteem, which leads to more confidence
  • Motivation to actually do something
  • Changing that voice inside that says “I can’t” to “I will”

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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