My Digital Vision Board (Mind Movie)

My Digital Vision Board Video

The thought for today is about how much I have changed over the last 20 years, from being so rigidly logical to wise enough to realise that I hardly know anything and that my mind and body is not just a robot, but a highly flexible, programmable and retrainable unit that can be cleverly manipulated to change the way I think, feel and behave.

Back then, I used to think that positive affirmations, talking to yourself nicely and visual goal setting were just silly things that new age weirdos did. Well, how times have changed!

I now know – that our sub-conscious minds need to be retrained by our conscious minds, otherwise they just run on an old out of date autopilot programs from our past. Some of these old programs work and some do not, but often we are stuck with them, like anger, criticism, or pleasing others……  Absolutely we can now change all sorts of responses within ourselves.

Two of the most fascinating topics I have studied in the last five years are;

  1. The Placebo Effect – How we really can trick our own minds and bodies for improved health and emotional stability.
  2. Epigenetics – The study of how our ‘environment’ (including our thoughts and actions) turn our genes on and off.

Therefore, if we are looking for deep sub-conscious changes within ourselves it makes sense to placebo, trick, train, influence and program ourselves (not logically) but in a way that changes us deep within – at a deep operating system level.

My intentions captured in a video

Also, if you are going to retrain yourself, it forces you to really ask yourself;

  • What do I want?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What will my work look like?
  • What will my relationships look like?

As part of my own self-programming I produced a vision board a few years back, a picture I made that I looked at each morning to remind myself what my intentions were,  I was very surprised that it worked – so have now moved on to phase two.

Below is my digital vision board, where I have outlined my intentions, emotions, attitudes and linked them to music that inspires and drives me. By watching this each morning and during the day from time to time – I am conditioning my sub-conscious mind to point me in the right direction,

Would you like help to create a vision board?

If so, give me a call, I have all sorts of advice and techniques that I can teach you that will help you remove self-limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours and unwanted emotions. Give me a call 01280 731155


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