One to one bespoke new therapist training & mentoring

 One to one, face to face, tailored training that gets you effective quickly and may encompass all aspects of working therapeutically with clients and running your own therapy practice, the fee is £370 per day.

A special emphasis is placed on understanding and treating anxiety based disorders, such as, anxiety and panic attacks, GAD, OCD, Emetophobia and triggers that leave the client emotionally overwhelmed, through the use of NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Timeline Therapy, Personality Profiling and good old fashion common sense. A special emphasis is placed on personality profiling, breaking down self limiting beliefs and story telling (the use of metaphors) to bridge the gap between conscious analysis and unconscious needs.

Challenges faced by new therapists & life coaches

For many newly qualified therapists and life coaches the first year or two is often slightly awkward as they begin to apply the classroom training to the whole range of differing problems that clients present with. Because it’s one thing working on problems in a classroom and quite another working face to face with real clients who have real emotional discomfort and who are looking to you for help.

The new therapists often have these realisation whilst in their learning phase…

  • Plain hypnosis just masks the symptoms but doesn’t treat the problem
  • NLP is not a wonder tool that treats everything
  • EFT / TFT and meridian based therapies only offer temporary relief
  • Presenting symptoms are not the problem, the problem often lies far deeper down
  • It is really hard to treat anxiety
  • It is really difficult treating OCD
  • It is really time consuming treating depression
  • Clients don’t tell you everything
  • You don’t have enough material to cover more than 4 sessions!
  • Your clients are not eagerly saying “what else can you teach me?”
  • Smoking cessation sessions are boring and repetitive
  • Weight loss is not about food it is about self esteem and out of date beliefs from the past
  • You don’t really know the difference between stress and anxiety
  • You don’t know which clients you should turn away
  • Often clients can’t afford the number of sessions required to get the appropriate changes
  • You need more clients
  • You have started to doubt yourself
  • Your website isn’t how you would like it to be
  • You are taking on any work and not specialising, therefore remaining very general in your skill sets

Of course, I have exaggerated a little, but this is not too far from the truth. Importantly though, these tools can be powerful and very effective when applied in a skilled, flexible and experienced manner and that is what I would like to help you to be able to do.

Therapy is a hard profession and often a lonely one where you are not exposed to a whole range of daily colleagues who you can keep learning from. And then there is the old adage ‘those who can do, and those who can’t teach’ I think more realistically in the complementary practitioner world it is ‘those who want more money teach large groups of new therapists, rather than working with (and helping) one client.’

Anyway, my focus is squarely on helping clients and helping new therapists who want to help reduce the huge amount of emotional pain and suffering that is sadly going on out there.

Specialist areas where I can help train you

The training is specific to you and your needs, however I have listed below the typical areas that I normally asked to deal with.

  • Understanding personality types
  • Knowing which treatments work best for differing personality types
  • Recognising allowable weaknesses
  • Acceptance of strengths and weaknesses
  • The role of personality types in business & relationships
  • Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • How to explain to clients what it is and how it works
  • Teaching clients anxiety interrupts and relaxation techniques
  • Breaking down the message behind the anxious feelings
  • Getting the appropriate unconscious change
  • Changing the fearful internal dialogue
  • The role of sleep and calmness in recovery
  • Learning how to work with Self-Beliefs
  •  Realising where limiting self beliefs come from and how they influence change
  • Learning how to help clients to recognise their beliefs
  • Helping clients to let go of self sabotaging self beliefs
  • Helping clients to stop their racing mind
  • How to help clients to not believe the voices
  • Help them to realise what the voices are doing and why
  • Recognition that the answers they are looking for are not to be found in their thoughts
  •  Metaphors, Spirituality and Common Sense
  • The use of stories and metaphors in therapy
  • How to deliver common sense advice to resistant clients
  • How to work with clients who fear death whilst fearing life too
  • How to remove emotion from communication for more calmness
  • Strategies for improving acceptance, forgiveness and self respect
  • Keeping client notes and session planning strategies
  •  How to set client expectations
  • The use of recordings, books, work sheets and homework
  • Client documentation
  • Your client availability and responsibility for their outcomes
  •  The Conscious Mind versus the Unconscious Mind
  •  Learning where the real problems reside
  • Teaching clients how to connect with their unconscious mind
  • The role of the conscious mind in overcoming anxiety and fear
  • Teaching clients how to communicate with themselves for more internal calmness

Becoming the best mentor you can be

So, if this sounds interesting give me a call, you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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