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Self-help for poor self-esteem

This is a professionally produced clinical hypnotherapy based MP3 recording that uses a mixture of hypnosis, metaphoric storytelling and advanced NLP techniques to gently and safely update your subconscious mind about how to alter feelings that leave you doubting your own worth or feelings where you want to be perfect at everything and this need to be perfect is causing you problems in your life.

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A small clip from this help to overcome anxiety can be listened to below.

Feeling Not Good Enough

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FAQ about the anxiety mp3 download

How do I listen on my iPad or iPhone?

Purchase and download the mp3 recording from your PC or Mac and then load the file into iTunes, then sync with your Apple device. Please note it is not possible to directly download the mp3 to an iPhone or an iPad without going through iTunes.

Who should buy this low self-esteem recording?

Anyone whose need to perform well to feel accepted by others (or themselves) is out of control and individuals who feel the need to be a perfectionist to avoid any criticism  from others. Either way there is a large portion of “I don’t feel good enough” within the person and they mistakenly feel that by performing well in relationships or at work they will feel better about themselves, sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

How do I purchase this?

Just click on the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page and you will be guided through a simple and secure check out system. Although the price is stated on this page is in British Pounds this will be converted to your local currency at payment and you will see exactly what that amount is.

Payment is secure and via PayPal – you can use your PayPal account or pay directly from your credit card if you do not have an account.

When should I listen to this anxiety mp3?

Just find some quiet time, perhaps before you sleep at night and listen to the recording through headphones whilst you just sit back or lie-down. You will be taken on a safe, calm and relaxing journey where all you have to do is relax and let your unconscious mind adopt new strategies for managing jealous feelings. Never drive or operate machinery whilst listening to any of my recordings.

Are hypnosis recordings as good as face to face therapy?

Hypnosis recordings will never replace direct face to face therapy with trained therapist who tailors the sessions to be unique to you, your problem and your personality type, however, they do gently nudge your unconscious mind in new directions that can foster new self realisations and the adoption of new ways of thinking and acting.

How can I play this hypnotic anxiety mp3 recording?

Once downloaded you have the choice of: listening to the mp3 recording on your PC through iTunes, Windows Media Player and common media players installed on most computers. Probably best is to load the mp3 recording onto an mp3 player or iPod so you can listen to the hypnotic recording through headphones in a safe quiet place where you can relax and won’t be disturbed.

Some people set the bar so high they make life too difficult

Feeling good enough and self-esteem can mean many things to different people, to me, they mean appreciating yourself and being self confident. More specifically, having a positive attitude, valuing yourself highly, convinced of your own abilities and seeing yourself as competent, in control and able to do what you want. Self esteem has many facets, however, key elements include: loving and appreciating ourselves, accountability and responsibility.

Frequently we focus on our failures or need to avoid failure by being a perfectionist, however, when you begin to appreciate yourself you can start to acknowledge all the successes (small and large) and any failures are an opportunity to learn more and become flexible enough to try new things.

Individuals that have high self-esteem take responsibility for their lives and for the situations they find themselves in. People with low self-esteem become victims of circumstances. Accountability is a critical element in personal empowerment and increasing self esteem. You need to begin to plan what you actively want from life – not just focusing on what you don’t want!

Buy Now £9.99

All currencies accepted & converted at checkout

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