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Anxiety and Panic Attacks are surprisingly common and affect a very large percentage of the UK population. Interestingly, once you fully understand what is going on in your mind and in the chemical reactions within your body, it all actually makes a lot of sense.

Overcoming agoraphobia is very possible, however, you need to work with someone you can trust and who is prepared to hold your hand throughout the treatment for agoraphobia and along the journey. Someone who understands what you are experiencing and can teach you how anxiety works, then support you on your initial trips out of the house or in situations that currently cause you anxious discomfort or fear. This is exactly what I do.

Symptoms of agoraphobia

People who are experiencing agoraphobia generally have a fear of public places, or crowded places or open areas – more particularly, the fear of not being able to escape easily. It can even make them uncomfortable if their car is parked in a busy car-park thus making it harder to find. As they enter any space they are always looking to see where the exits are and what are the “social” implications of them having to make a quick exit.

Generally the more common symptoms of agoraphobia are a racing mind with scary chatter, tight chest, panicky breathing, disrupted concentration, sweaty hands, racing heart and a churning stomach. These fearful and anxiety based symptoms can easily become very overwhelming very quickly once a trigger incident has been experienced.

Many people have mild agoraphobia and they force themselves to get on with life and go to work, however, they develop lots of coping strategies, such as, avoiding busy canteens or certain areas within the building, for those who experience this anxiety disorder more intensely may even have problems leaving their home.

  • I can help you to answer the following questions:
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why do I have these symptoms of agoraphobia?
  • Where do anxious feelings and panic attacks come from?
  • How can I manage then stop these anxious feelings?
  • Once I am calm again, will they ever come back?

I can answer all these questions and teach you how to take this knowledge and use it for agoraphobia treatment – and to stop yourself continually being the victim of these overwhelming feelings. When explained to you clearly and from two different perspectives the parts of the puzzle begin to fit together and you will see how your mind and your biological body are both screaming out for change – but not talking the same language.

Working with me allows you to just focus on resetting your anxiety thermostat, once I have explained clearly and concisely what is happening within you – a new level of understanding will allow you to apply the anxiety interrupts I teach, as we venture out and into the very circumstances that used to overwhelm you.

Of course, this is done at a speed that is appropriate for you and after you have seen what a calming effect I have on people who experience anxious feelings.

“Thank you so much for your help and guidance, I now feel calmer, more confident and much more in control of my emotions and thoughts. I am now in a much better place, and feel that I can get on with my life with new hope and new opportunities.”

Agoraphobia therapy where you need it

Where feasible the initial session may be held at your residence, however, we will quickly proceed to running the sessions “on location” in whatever situation causes you fear and I’ll be there to keep you calm and safe at all times. Clients often book half day sessions with me so we can really focus on the problem (wherever it may be), they soon realise that to reconnect with the old appropriate feelings exposure to the fear needs to be addressed.

Often, I also spend time with the partner of the client to explain how best to support them through the recovery phase. In my experience this condition is very treatable, although it must be stated that it does take a month or so of quite intense support. That’s why so much of my style of working is encouraging you and supporting you through the process of reconnecting with normality.

The circumstances that trigger agoraphobia are diverse and include: shopping centres, open areas such as parks, sports stadiums or just leaving your own house – however, the causes of the phobia may be hidden and sometimes not at all associated with the resulting fear. During the journey we will work together and use a range of therapies to release any suppressed feelings, this re-educates your unconscious mind and helps diminish the fearful thoughts and panic.

If you are located around Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Brackley, Towcester I am happy to work with you initially in your home to lessen your agoraphobia anxiety, help you to manage your panic attacks and get back into the world although a small travel fee may apply.

Is it easy to overcome agoraphobia?

No, it’s not (I’m not going to lie to you!) However, it is possible if you are willing to do the things I ask you to do, and when appropriate, use the skills I teach you to “lean into” the discomfort and remove its hold over your unconscious fearful emotions. It does take 6 – 10 sessions and the early sessions educate you on the “why” then we move to the “how.” Remember, the agoraphobia is a symptom not the problem (although it feels like the problem) therefore we need to find the real symptom, which is usually an out of date unconscious response that is trying to keep you safe.

If you live further away

I am happy to travel to your region to work with you, however, my costs (time and travel) would need to be appropriately reimbursed.

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