Patreon Online Anxiety Treatment Program

After many years working face to face as a therapist I am ready now to take all my knowledge and experience and capture it all in a format that will be accessible to anybody who wants to teach themselves how to find calmness in their mind and in their bodies.

The format I am going to use is based on a platform by where people can pay for content as it is produced, that way, the author can afford to live whilst they create. It’s a win-win situation, as often, people who want to create can’t as they have to do their “other” job to make enough money to live.

During 2019 I will be slowly shifting my focus from being a therapist to being an author of the very best Anxiety and OCD recovery programme.

If you would like to support me on this journey and get access to all the work I produce – please click on the button below.

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