Poem about depression and anxiety

A poem about anxiety and depression


A much calmer way…..


when the days are grey, and I have no notion

of how I feel, or of any emotion

I think, I dream, I hope and I pray

that somehow, I’ll find a much calmer way


and when drama makes small things titanic

and my emotions engulf me with fear and with panic

I seem to trap myself at night and all day

searching to find, a much calmer way


when my body and soul are racked with fatigue

and procrastination has relegated me to a lower league

it’s hard to keep working, let alone play

taking time for myself might be a much calmer way?


the thoughts that consume me and lead to despair

race around in my mind and quietness is rare

I can’t stop worrying, heavy on my mind it does weigh

silencing my mind might be a much calmer way?


If only they knew, that I’m frustrated and annoyed

and how deep down inside, my self-worth’s destroyed

blame and guilt are driving my soul to decay

loving myself might be a much calmer way?


having to be there and put others first

is making me feel that my compassion is cursed

if only I could be selfish and just run away

putting myself first, might be a much calmer way?


and if I’m blaming them, for how I feel

that’s obviously silly, and quite a bad deal

I’m responsible for how I feel, each moment of the day

this awareness will lead to a much calmer way


we’d love to teach you just what to do

so, peace and motivation will finally ensue

take a look around this site at what’s on display

and you’ll soon discover there is a much calmer way!

(John Glanvill)

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