Online therapy and remote mentoring

It is often challenging to find the right therapist who has the appropriate specialist knowledge for your problem, the suitable skills to help you and who ‘feels’ right – AND local to where you live.

So, I offer telephone sessions if it is something that you feel will help you, especially for specific and niche solutions like managing emotional drama and overcoming anxiety, GAD and OCD, where there are so few specialists.

I work with clients from the US, Australia, UK and other English speaking countries to mentor, guide and help them to find happiness and more emotional stability.

You can call me on 0044 1280 731155 and we can chat about what is possible.

Typical session topics for more emotional calmness

Each session is unique to you and your problem, typically these are the more common discussions and therapy session formats:

  • Understanding how the conscious & unconscious minds work
  • Understanding Anxiety / GAD / OCD
    • What it is biologically, psychologically and unconsciously
    • Understanding what is really happening when emotions overwhelm you
    • Understanding what these fearful episodes really want from you
  • Learning how to interrupt anxious feelings to stop them escalating into panic attacks
  • Understanding why you feel lost, apathetic and fearful
  • Learning how to manage a racing mind and obsessive thoughts
  • Understanding and recognising self-limiting beliefs
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Generating desire and determination / Motivation
  • Personality types and how they are affected by anxiety
  • What you need to stop doing/start doing
  • Changing feelings about past memories or events
  • Personal growth towards more self-esteem, confidence and self-respect & self-love

How remote web-cam therapy works

  • We initially talk via phone/skype / email to ensure the right connection between your problem and my solutions
  • Sessions are charged at  £130 per 90-minute session (and pro rata for any extensions)
  • For the initial session, you send payment via Papal prior to the  meeting, subsequently at the end of each session
  • I may send you some pre-meeting documentation to study
  • Homework is set.. (I am serious about people moving forward!)
  • We arrange the time and date for the following session if appropriate
  • I give you access to my self-help recordings that bolster the telephone work we do

What to do when remote therapy interests you

Call me on 0044 1280 731155 and we can talk about it or send me an email from the contact me page.

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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