It’s all about energy……..

I have spent the last 20 years studying everything there is to know about well-being, I read about it, I tried it, I went on the courses etc. etc. and I learned a lot of very cool techniques, however, there was always a little something missing. I knew it was energy but I didn’t have a clue about how to understand it, get it, release it or manipulate it.

So, for the last seven years, all my research and training went into trying to understand energy – and what I found blew me away.

Now, I am a good old fashioned “facts” kind of a guy, an engineer, I like to know how things work, see them, touch them feel them, but when it comes to energy a whole new world opens up and it is crazy weird and really exciting.

  • Energy can be trapped in our body from past traumas
  • Our energy affects those around us
  • There are different types of energy
  • Energy can be leached out of us from all sorts of differing realms
  • Our own ego can hide energy within our bodies
  • Chakras are real (that was the biggest revelation for me!)
  • Things can attach and feed off our energy, leaving us drained
  • The frequency we vibrate at is adjustable and affects our consciousness

Lots of strange claims, but they are true (to me) because I have experienced them for myself! I know from my own happiness that when you shift some of these negative energies wonderful things can happen.


My Ayahuasca experience in Peru

Report following soon…