Why I Feel Exhausted

Today’s quick thought is about why so many anxious people feel so tired. The pattern below is what I see every day in my therapy practice.


The reason I am exhausted is…..

Because I make up (virtual) stories in my mind….

And then try to control everything in those (virtual) stories…

Then, when I can’t, I feel out of control and that makes me feel anxious….

So, I (unconsciously) find small things to do (or think) which distract me and ease my discomfort….

Even if they are abusive or silly to me…

These also stop me from interfacing with society…. (If I stay home I will be safe….)

Then I become angry at others – or pity myself….

This reinforces those stories….

Then I rinse and repeat…..



This is why, if you want to let go of anxiety and find more energy – YOU NEED TO STOP THINKING!!!


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