How we store our memories influences our emotions

The dictionary explains a timeline in the following manner “A timeline is a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events.”

We all have a thought line, perhaps you might even call it a timeline, it’s a place where we store our thoughts and memories from the past and our visions and goals for the future.  You can see from sayings like “you’ll look back and laugh” or “face the future” and you can see that we have different directions that we seem to store our memories in. Sometimes those directions can get a little muddled up – what if you stored your visions for the future behind you, so you couldn’t easily see what you wanted to do? Or what if your past was right in front of you, so you were always dwelling on it?

Once we discover the strategies your mind uses to store memories and visions we can start to focus on this time line. Therapy can then begin as we allow ourselves to move back to past experiences and adjust feelings or fears around those events, it is possible to even remove images or events you’d rather forget or enhance the feelings and memories of wonderful events. Then we can expand and reposition your feelings and memories in a way that feels right for you, however, is more productive. Perhaps with the past behind you and the future in front?

Not surprisingly, many of our fears and self limiting doubts about ourselves stem from events in our past, perhaps from school or from parents, simple commands such as “don’t make too much noise” and messages like “you are not good at learning” stay with us – even though they are no longer true.

Using time-line processes and thought line therapy you can move back to these events and make lasting changes to the messages that you heard then, making them more appropriate for the time you live in now. Fears and phobias often have roots formed during events in our past too, using your timeline we can revisit those events and change the memories, modify the images and release the feelings.

Therapy to adjust your timeline

Thought Field and Time-Line Therapy when used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and NLP is an elegant way of solving emotional issues and when used in coaching is a great way to make your future goals more compelling and available to you.  I have helped many people using thought line and timeline therapies in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and the areas around Buckingham.


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