Calm examination nerves & motivation to study

As my office is in Buckingham, close to Buckingham University I have had a lot of experience of working with university students on a whole range of differing problems that affect their ability to study optimally, such as:

Needing more motivation to finish course work and your thesis

  • Feeling anxious and suffering from panic attacks
  • Pressure from volume of study material
  • Pressure from parents and peers
  • Confusion about what you actually want to be doing with your life
  • Missing home and family
  • Living in a different culture
  • Feeling lonely
  • Trouble knowing “who you are”

Coping with the stresses of university

There are many stresses that students (of any age) experience whilst at college or university and many of these stop the individual from enjoying all aspects of the experience. Of course you are there to learn and get your qualifications, however, it is also a time for independence, personal growth and companionship.

I can help you understand how and why you become anxious and overwhelmed, then guide you towards strategies that will keep you calm and help you to develop new flexible and motivated ways to achieve your goals and complete your work.

Sometimes it is just good to talk through your problems and worries with a neutral party that is not directly involved with the university, I help many students in this way. No judgements, just listening to your problems and helping you to find new ways to overcome your challenges.

I do a lot of work with those studying for a PhD as this can be frought with so many different pressures along with the question of “what happens next”?

Take a look around my website and give me a call on 01280 823059 and we can confidently chat about what’s bothering you.

Anxiety, OCD & Depression

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