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Fear of flying phobiaHaving a fear of flying or a flying phobia is relatively common and a problem that I deal with many times a month, over the course of  3 or 4 sessions  you learn where the anxiety comes from and how to deal with it. However, more important is why it has come about in the first place? Because I see time and time again that the fear of flying is the symptom, not necessarily the problem (I know it feels like a problem) – and underlying this phobic response is the  body telling you that you need to change something in your life or something about yourself.

I work with your unconscious mind to stop that part of you that just seems to overwhelm you when aboard a plane or during turbulence, and I know for some people that just thinking about flying can cause fearful emotions that often spoil the excitement of a holiday and there are worries too about passing your fears onto your children as a learned response.

However you feel about flying I can help you take back control of your emotions and fly again with an appropriate level of calmness and control. Give me a call on 01280 823059 and we chat about it for a while.

Fear of flying & flying phobia

Many people who fly experience some degree of anxiety; it is when this fear of flying becomes a flying phobia, full of stress and an uncomfortable experience that it is time to get some help.

There are many factors that can affect the anxiety levels experienced by a nervous flyer or even in fact, be the reason for their phobia in the first instance. These issues are the components of flying that many travellers find irritating and tiresome but are emotionally controllable.

For many people with anguish from aerophobia, the phobia itself may have emerged following a previous bad experience. For anyone who has had a negative event whilst flying or being in the airport or anywhere else related to flying, this can cause a deep rooted fear to develop even though the likelihood of another bad experience is small.

For those people who have a fear of heights, the feeling of being high in the sky with no support can be very overwhelming and trigger panic attacks, as can, being in a crowded airport, sitting on a hot and stuffy aeroplane or spending a long time queuing in close proximity to others can all cause these feelings to develop.

Having to place your trust in the capabilities of the airline and security staff can be an intimidating prospect for a nervous passenger, more so if they experience negativity with trust issues already. They often question the training received, experience and capacity of the aircraft, allowing themselves to think deeply about these matters can cause anxiety and severe distress.

Turbulence is a normal part of flying and for most people it is a nuisance that elicits mild anxiety, for a nervous passenger however, it can raise levels of distress significantly, and even though there may be no turbulence during the flight, just the thought of fear of turbulence can cause unnecessary anguish for the person.

Fear of leaving a loved one behind or the worry of a loved one flying without you can often trigger uncomfortable reactions to flying that can be surprisingly overwhelming, and may suddenly appear even though you always felt comfortable flying before.

The good news is that, whatever your trigger, your fear of flying can be successfully treated.

Treatment for fear of flying

Using hypnosis for fear of flying and hypnotherapy for fear of flying has been effective for thousands of people across the UK and is one of my favourite phobias to work with, in addition, I use  EFT and NLP techniques to facilitate fast change.

When all this therapy is combined with visualisation, desensitisation and relaxation strategies it will help most people who deal with a fear like this to manage their anxiety and live natural lives, treating phobias this way has a very high success rate.

I can work with you and provide a phobia treatment to control your anxiety and release past tensions that often stimulate and trigger your fears – Call me and we can explore your situation and see what is possible.

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