Understanding the Enneagram type 3 personality

Enneagram Type-3-Achiever

“I want to be successful, achieve my goals, work efficiently and be recognised for my contribution.”

They are in the Feelings Group and are adaptable, ambitious, image-conscious, and hostile, they are concerned with self-esteem and self-development. Positively, the potential for ambition, self-improvement, personal excellence, self-assurance, and social distinction. Negatively, the potential for pragmatic calculation, arrogant narcissism, the exploitation of others and hostility.


Enneagram Type three typical therapy needs

 – Learning to accept rejection. Learning that it is OK to let their guard down and reveal their feelings to others (and themselves). Managing frustration, anger and hostility and letting go of feelings of being wronged by others. Allowing them to realise that it is OK to not be perfect and teaching them how to have more Emotional Intelligence whilst dealing with others.

Addictions: Over-stressing the body for recognition. Working out to exhaustion. Starvation diets. Workaholism. Excessive intake of coffee, stimulants, amphetamines, cocaine, steroids or excessive surgery for cosmetic improvement.

Enneagram type 3 wing personalities

Enneagram type 3 with a 2 wing is called the Charmer or Manager – adaptable, organized, clever, pleasant, polished

Enneagram type 3 with a 4 wing is called the Professional – business-like, ambitious, focused, independent.

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