Understanding the Enneagram type 6

enneagram type 6“I need security and I will be loyal to those I respect, however, I worry and think about things too much.”

They are in the Thinking Group and are engaging, committed, defensive, and paranoid, they are concerned with trust and social affiliation. Positively, the potential for emotional bonding with others, group identification, sociability, industriousness, loyalty, and commitment to larger efforts. Negatively, the potential for dependency, ambivalence, divisiveness, rebelliousness, anxiety, and feelings of inferiority.


Type 6 personality, typical therapy needs

This character type benefits hugely from therapy and more self-understanding to manage their anxiety and flip-flopping emotional needs. They grow by realising how much they cling to security and become more trusting that things in life will just unfold favourably. They try to solve their anxious feelings with outbursts of misdirected aggression against those around them, which drives their supporters away, thus making them feel more anxious and generating “why” type questions in their minds that just loop around and around, so they benefit from understanding the unconscious strategies that they are using to feel better about themselves. Stopping them from self-punishment and self-doubt and allowing a more natural confidence to emerge. Teaching them that they plan 10 steps ahead (to be safe and secure) when everybody else is only planning 3 steps ahead and that their moods can swing 180 degrees in a flash, and that unsettles others. Helping them to be able to receive criticism or advice without becoming paranoid and defensive.

Addictions: Rigidity in the diet causes nutritional imbalances (”I don’t like vegetables.”) Working excessively. Caffeine and amphetamines for stamina, but also alcohol and depressants to deaden anxiety. Higher susceptibility to alcoholism than many types.

Enneagram type six wing personalities

Enneagram type 6 with a 5 wing is called the Defender or Server – thoughtful, conscientious, attentive, retrospective

Enneagram type 6 with a 7 wing is called the Buddy or Witty – jumpy, self-conscious, witty, winsome, respectful.

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