Understanding the Enneagram type 8

Enneagram type 8

“I am strong and like to make things happen to do this I need to be in control.”

They are in the Instinctive Group and are self-confident, decisive, dominating, and combative, they are concerned with self-assertion and leadership.

Positively, the potential for self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance, magnanimity, and the ability to take personal initiative.  Negatively, the potential for domination of others, rude insensitivity, combativeness, and ruthlessness.


Typical type 8 mentoring needs

Helping them to see that intimacy is not a sign of weakness and if they drop their guard they will see that true love and friendship will not threaten them. Helping them to let go of stress and phobias that stem from a fear of losing control. To mange anger or rage in more productive ways. To understand the ways in which other personality types like to receive information and to be managed (to become a better leader).

Addictions: Ignore physical needs and problems: avoid medical visits and check-ups. Indulging in rich foods, alcohol, tobacco while pushing self too hard leads to high stress, strokes, and heart conditions. Control issues central, although alcoholism and narcotic addictions are possible.

Enneagram type 8 wing personalities

Enneagram type 8 with a 7 wing is called the Maverick or Power Broker – confident, blunt, forward-moving, unrepentant

Enneagram type 8 with a 9 wing is called the Bear or Powerhouse – grounded, solid, massive, deliberate, forceful.


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