Understanding the type nine personality

Enneagram type 9

I don’t want to rock the boat, I’ll keep myself to myself, I will just stay out of trouble, watch everything and keep the peace.

They are in the Instinctive Group and are peaceful, reassuring, complacent, and neglectful, they are concerned with receptivity and interpersonal mediation. Positively, the potential for emotional stability, acceptance, self-consciousness, emotional and physical endurance, and creating harmony with others.  Negatively, the potential for passivity, disengaged emotions and attention, neglectfulness, and dissociation.


Type nine Enneagram general therapy needs

Helping them to face the fact that their ‘idealised’ world just isn’t real. To stop them ignoring difficulties until someone else has fixed them. To help them see their true worth, so they have the energy to engage in life and really find contentment.

Addictions: Over-eating or under-eating due to lack of self-awareness and repressed anger. Lack of physical activity. Depressants and psychotropics, alcohol, marijuana, narcotics to deaden loneliness and anxiety.

Enneagram type 9 wing personalities

Enneagram type 9 with an 8 wing is called the Referee or Mountain – steady, patient, absorbing, waiting, observant

Enneagram type 9 with a 1 wing is called the Dreamer or Anticipator – open, child-like, idealizing, starry-eyed, impatient.

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