Help to reduce alcohol consumption & binge drinking

As a society our relationship with alcohol is very complex, it serves so many different purposes to oil the wheels of social interaction, entertainment, peer bonding etc. and yet, can cause us so many problems too.

Whatever your relationship with alcohol, if you feel you are losing control, just drinking too much, want to stop binge drinking or have become dependent on alcohol in some way, I can help.

Using a range safe alcohol related therapies and hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse I can help you define the appropriate relationship with alcohol that you desire – so, when you want to stop drinking we can work closely with your unconscious mind to make those new responses active, ensuring they are the ones that influence your decisions and your actions in the future. (Please note my treatment is not for those people medically classified as being an alcoholic.)

I specialise in helping people who:

  • Feel they need to drink each evening to relax and manage stress
  • Feel that they need alcohol to “be themselves” or boost social confidence
  • Want to stop drinking or drink less as they feel uncomfortable with their actions when drunk
  • Feel social and peer pressure to binge drink and want to stop binge drinking
  • Use excessive alcohol consumption as a crutch to “drown out” other circumstances

Let’s be very honest about stopping drinking

Please read this: helping individuals to stop drinking or cut down their alcohol intake is probably one of the hardest challenges a therapist can take on (along with Emetophobia and Anorexia.) Because alcohol becomes so firmly associated with celebrating and commiserating and socialising and being alone etc. etc. It is a drug that stimulates us and depresses us – it helps us to escape, yet, traps us too. The reason I mention this is because I want you to realise that it takes a lot of effort, a lot of will power, a lot of intent and time to make this happen. You need to be vigilant and really desire a different outcome for this to be successful.

You will need to initially abstain from drinking for a quite a while and keep an honest diary of how you are getting on as you unravel the underlying beliefs of why you drink and what needs to change in your life and in the ways you communicate with yourself and others. You will need to understand what (perceived) benefits you get from drinking and explore how it affects yourself and others. Stopping drinking (or limiting your alcohol consumption) means looking at yourself from a whole new perspective – that is what I help you to do. It is not easy, but it is hugely worthwhile on so many levels.

If you think you can approach therapy from this point of view, I can help you. If you are not prepared to follow this type of regime then you might need to try another therapist.

Drinking too much? – Problem or symptom?

To me, if you have a relationship with alcohol that you would like to change, it is usually the case that drinking alcohol is not the primary problem – it’s usually a symptom of some other issue. Those other issues can be wide ranging and diverse – and it’s when we get to uncover and treat those other issues that we find our needs and actions around alcohol can be gently updated.

  • Alcohol relaxes me – from what?
  • Alcohol de-stresses me – what stresses you initially?
  • Alcohol makes me more social – what stops you being social without a drink?
  • It helps me drown my sorrows – what sorrows?
  • Everyone else does it – do you do everything else they do?
  • And so on….

Over the course of a few sessions we discover these ’cause and effect’ relationships and then visualise your appropriate outcomes – this way, we apply the right therapy that allows you to stop drinking and make deep and lasting changes to your alcohol addiction.

“Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you properly for all your help and support over the last month. I can’t believe it’s only four weeks since I first came to see you, as I now feel like a totally different person. I had got to the stage where I was just completely fed up of drinking a bottle of wine every night, yet didn’t seem to be able to stop – you totally changed this for me. I’ve had a few ups and downs, but now I feel as though I have a choice about whether I drink alcohol or not, rather than alcohol controlling me. You have enabled me to change the way I look at alcohol, and at life. I feel so much happier and calmer, and have got my self respect back. I honestly can’t thank you enough.”

Therapy to stop drinking

During the process we explore what role alcohol plays in your life and importantly, how would your life be different if your use of alcohol was reduced or stopped. Many of the old out of date beliefs we have about ourselves of why we drink are often based in the distant past and are often a coping mechanism for past stressful times or as a way to escape social restrictions or just a habit formed with friends. It doesn’t matter why you drink too much as much of the work we will be doing will be around understanding who you are now, what you want and breaking the out-of-date and unconscious habits that just keep firing off.

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