The 10 commandments

Just for fun I thought I’d list my top 10 rules for finding a bit more calmness and happiness in life:

1. The reason we forgive others, is because we don’t want to beat ourselves up any more with the stories that go around and around in our minds.

2. Remember that nothing is more important than feeling good.

3. Your body responds to what you hold in mind. Good thoughts deliver good feelings, bad thoughts deliver bad feelings, silence delivers blissful feelings.

4. The voices in your mind are not you, they are in you but not you, if they were you, they would shut up when you asked them.

5. Treat yourself with love and respect.

6. Treat others the way THEY would like to be treated, we are not all the same.

7. Love yourself before you love others, putting yourself first is not being selfish, it allows you to fully be there for them when appropriate (stop being needy.)

8. Good and bad will happen, it’s not personal, they will pass, don’t dwell on the negative.

9. Regularly daydream because as you dream your future you are creating the road map for your unconscious mind.

10. If what you currently think has got you where you currently are, perhaps it’s time to change how you think and it will take you to new places.

And 3 more big ones..

11. The speed with which you move from where you are, to where you want to be, is a function of how heavily you cling to your old beliefs and the strength of your desire to change.

12. Live in the now, any other way is trapping you in the past or delaying things to the future. In reality there is only ever the now.

13. For every force there is an equal and opposite force, life will push back, people will push back, there are only three responses; Accept it, Change it or Fight it.

And the ultimate 4…

14. Don’t take anything personally, nothing anyone does is because of you – that is an illusion.

15. Do your best each day, knowing that your best will differ from day to day.

16. Stop making assumptions, we don’t know what is going on other peoples minds – ask them.

17. Be impeccable with what you say, speak with integrity, especially to yourself.

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